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  1. RD07 high Mileage machines. What's your mileage and what have you had to do to it ??

    Africa Twin
    I've bought my fourth Africa Twin. I just couldn't live without one. Again !! But it's also the highest mileage one I've had at 76,000 miles. I know they're good for a lot more. I've rebuilt one at 55,000 miles for a customer and I really wouldn't have bothered. It looked and rode like new...
  2. Acerbis tank for sale. 95-2001 Dominator.

    Dominator / FMX
  3. A custom order restoration I did on an NX650 this week.

    Dominator / FMX
    A good customer of mine has a thing for gold. And he likes things shiny. He's made up with this now.
  4. Boano Rally Conversion on RD07A

    Africa Twin
    Just been sent these pics from a customer - certainly a stand-out paint scheme :D Hopefully he'll be along shortly to introduce himself..............
  5. Central Wheels good service.

    Africa Twin
    I have been following africa madnesses horror story with central Wheels closely, his experience has been nothing less than shocking. Just wanted to post quickly about my recent experience with them. I am building the wheels myself therefore only required rims and spoke sets. Chose the Morad rims...
  6. Scramblers or Street Tracker.

    There is a lot of inspiration on the net if one opt to go the Scrambler route.
  7. My Daughter

    Is a cracker. :p Just back from Uni, working in a shop up the road for the hols. Only a small shop, they have one till which is self service only. she only goes and alters the language when she sees a "suspect" coming in the shop. :lol: She can alter to German, Polish and Spanish. She reckons...
  8. For Sale: Get £10 off when you spend £50 @ Opie Oils

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Folks, Not long now.... The Bank Holiday weekend is almost here and it wouldn’t be a bank holiday weekend without a top offer from Opie Oils! It's simple, visit Opie Oils and start adding products in to your basket, once the total is £50 or more enter the voucher code TENNER to get £10...
  9. Arai customer service

    A massive thanks to Terry Birtles from Arai helmets. I recently bought a second hand Arai Tour X3 helmet, after a few rides i noticed the peak would not hold up in the fully open position and would drop down very easily, i contacted Arai who advised on a few different replacement parts but...
  10. Wot a shower! Swintons that is...

    I've been trying to sort out a Multibike policy for my Vara and little NX400 after Carole Nash wouldn't play ball and provide FC on both bikes (the NX4 is a Brazilian import) however after some research here and elsewhere, I found the eBike and Swintons both are happy with the NX4. I had asked...
  11. Bike Collection Delivery Service

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just a recomendation for a service I used to have a bike collected from Stirling and delivered to Derby. Reliable , Safe secure Motorcycle Collection/Delivery on time any time any place. They charged £140 and the service was excellent. The bike was delivered in a Merc Sprinter. Properly...
  12. Freelance tour guide, a good idea?

    So here is the thing, I have been very lucky with my biking adventures in the past few years and this year having gained a few sponsors for my forthcoming Arctic adventure I have been especially privileged. Sales of my Sahara book are steady but I am constantly thinking of other bike related...
  13. Lloyd Cooper Watford

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Went in to have the rear tyre replaced and very impressed. I can definitely recommend them - fantastic customer service, lovely staff, very helpful and they even cleaned/lubed the chain when adjusting it. Oh and free coffee/hot chocolate :D:D
  14. Ardcases

    I'm looking to buy a pair of Ardcases for my 13 plate Varadero. Could you please let me know of any thoughts re this product, good or bad. Other help re customer service, what pannier fittings to use etc. would be gratefully received. Thanks.... Andy
  15. Is a scam company?

    Africa Twin
    I made an order there a few weeks back, and they keep saying that the order didn't 'download' properly into their system, even though I got a order confirmation. The payment went through already. Their oddly unhelpful customer service is now totally ignoring me, even though I told them I need...
  16. Demon Tweeks.....I'm impressed

    A bought some tyres recently from Demon Tweeks. Had them left in the shed until last night when I decided to put them on. Then I discover that they wer'nt what I had hoped them to be!! Rang Demon Tweeks to outline the problem and without questions they agreed to take them back. Now if it was...
  17. SPRING ?

    Took a wee run out to Aboyne on Tuesday to get the cobwebs out. Lovely sunshine and mostly clean roads but a lot of salt which took a while to get off and make my Alp clean and salt-free. Another bright day today: Stonehaven, coast road to Montrose (coffee at Pucci's - I've been a customer...
  18. £30 cashback for new Carole Nash customers

    Just noticed that if you go via to the Carole Nash website for a motorbike insurance quote and subsequently take out the policy, you qualify for £30 cashback. New customers only.
  19. Touring jacket

    Hi, does anybody know the clothing brand Roleff? Any experience with the brand? I am about to buy a jacket on Louis but cant find any customer reviews or info on the web regarding this particular jacket. ROLEFF JOE LUCKY 2, - Louis - Motorrad & Freizeit It is a great deal and looks to be a...
  20. ktm tubeless wheels with talon hubs , capanoord rims , stainless steel spokes

    Everything Orange - KTM
    check these out ,,,,,,, as trick as they come ,,,,,,,, ive built these for a customer , he bought the front wheel from thge states , originally with a blue hub , and a silver rim, and the rear rim from uk ebay 30 quid , i kid you not !!! , the rear hub is brand new , and the rear spokes...