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  1. For Sale: Sealey PP40 Plasma cutter

    For Sale / Wanted
    HI I am trying to raise funds for an Africa Twin, so my wife said i have to sell all my stuff if I want one. I have a Sealey PP40 Plasma cutter for sale It works fine just needs a new nozzle and electrode. It will cut 12mm plate all day long. Looking for £250.00 Regards wizard
  2. sidestand Fatfoot extension

    Bodgers Corner
    I parked my AT at the weekend and saw the sidestand slowly sinking into the dirt, moved the bike and was ok. I have memories of collapsing bikes at festivals and rallies. So being at work I leapt into action. Plasma cutter a sheet of 3mm galvanized steel plate and a felt pen. Oh and cordless...
  3. Chain tension checker

    Bodgers Corner
    Hi all, I posted this in the @ forum but there doesn't seem to be any interest so I'm widening the potential net by posting it here, I've no idea what the chain tension should be on bikes other than the @ so it still might not be of any interest to anyone but here goes... After reading lots of...
  4. @ chain tension checker

    Africa Twin
    After reading lots of the correct amount of chain slack I think it looks like there should be about 70mm between the underside of the swingarm and the chain (i.e. you can wedge a 70mm block inbetween the swingarm and chain) with this in mind I've cut a bit of 2"x1" to 70mm and I'll keep it in my...
  5. Tools explained

    Unashamedly ripped off from another forum, but entertaining none the less:thumbup: Tools Explained: DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting...
  6. Seat logo

    Bodgers Corner
    It's time to start justifying my stated diy bike mods interest. Some days ago I replaced the torn seat cover of my AT, another diy job (of which unfortunately I don't have any pictures) and now it's time to make it look better. It is a very easy job which I am sure will remind you of your...
  7. thieving scum

    woke up this morning to find my back gate left wide open( it was padlocked) walked out the back and seen the side of my shed was missing looked in and few there she was in all her glory my bike was still there thank god. after a quick scan of the shed all my power tools had been taken value of...
  8. Help!! Can anyone identify this item please?!!!!

    Africa Twin
    In what seems to be the time honoured humourous way of this forum - I wondered if any of you could identify this item? Please bear with it to the end - IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!! All those who said chair- Wrong!! It LOOKS like a chair - Still looks like a chair - BUT!!! Let's...
  9. operation aluminium panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    After a long time looking and thinking about having a go at makeing some panniers iv finnaly got round to it :clown::clown: As thay say when the boss is away the boys will play. I got hold of some 3mm aluminium sheet and 3mm 2 1/2 cm x 2 1/2cm aluminium angle and sused out how to work the...
  10. Touratech Pannier racks RD07

    Africa Twin
    Just taken off a pair of Ricky Cross rear crash bars and fitted Touratech pannier racks to an RD07.:p Is it just me, or is it a right pain in the a%se to fit the left side panel without a disc cutter and a crowbar once these racks are on??:dontknow: Methinks the gasaxe and welder might be...
  11. RD04s pannier frames

    Africa Twin
    right im very close to getting the disk cutter out and hacking these honda frames about because i cant for the life of me see how they are going to fit pretty damm sure they are for this bike as the fixing match hondas own ie footpegs etc could anybody please post up pics of their pannier...
  12. HELP!! how to find ignition key number?

    my bike only has one (pattern) ignition key and although i have had another cut it does not work the petrol tank cap. bugger! is there any way to find the original key number? i do have the owners card and manual but its not there.or do i just try another pattern key from another key cutter...
  13. its amazing !!

    Other Bikes
    what you can achieve with a 4inch disk cutter a big hammer and a welder:D :D :D :D and some 22mm tube;) some of you may remember a guy called stefan who came with me and maveric to sailsbury plain back in the days when i had moby.. well this is his old 1150 gs :p it was...
  14. decals Vinyl

    Anyone have a vinyl cutter and fancy making a couple quid doing some logos? Honda-wing hash-ups probably! PM me
  15. Any woodworkers out there?

    I've got five doors to hang next week so I schlepped over to Axminster to get one of these: They were out of stock 'till the week after next which would be a little too late for me so I bought the display one that came without any documentation. So I can spend tomorrow doing hard maths and...
  16. LOOK OUT! Bloody hedge cutters

    Had my first summer seasonal experience this morning, the near stationary tractor cutting/smashing the hedges and trees into the road, on a blind bend. Keep 'em peeled chaps PS Apologies if that's egg sucking to some, it's a new one to me :)