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  2. Africa Twin
    Found this list. May be of use to some of you. CBR400 RG/RH (NC23)** 1986 - 1987 CBR400 RRK/RRJ/RRK (NC23)** 1988-89 VFR400 RG (NC21)** 1986 VFR400 RH (NC24)** 1987 VFR400 Z** 1986-89 CB600 FSY/FS1/FS2 HORNET** 2000-03 CB600 SY FY/F2 - F4** 2000-04 CBF600 2004 -*2007*** CBR600 F3*** 1995-98...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    UK size 11 (Im a 10) These boots are in Ireland. Great condition only used twice still need breaking-in. Not getting the use so looking to sell. These are about £250 new. €150 plus postage. Will PM pics as for the life of me no idea how to post them here.
  4. Discounts / Deals
    just had an email from Get Geared and they have TCX Infinity boots at £189.95 (£50 Off) there's discounts on other TCX boots too Search Results
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi.. Has anyone had any experince wearing the OXTAR boots? I am looking to buy off road boots at the moment and set my eyes on the OXTAR range. Either TCX , Dune or the Space ? Not sure which is best to go for among all three..Has anyone wore the OXTAR Space boots ? I know its always best...
  6. Africa Twin
    hi all I am a new member on this forum so i would just like to say hi and ask a few questions if I may. I currently own a very nice Honda CX 650 Turbo and I live in Portsmouth. I used to own an early Africa Twin a few years ago and the one metre seat height suited me perfectly (I am six foot...
  7. Mechanical Advice
    I bought my iPOD shuffle 1Gen just after my bike! Couldn' stand riding without music... But the stock headphones or the later Sennheiser MX500 inside the helmet...:rolleyes: Now I just found the perfect, easy, and great quality combination at a great price for music while riding: My...
  8. Chatter
    In the last week or so, I've seen a few "interesting" bikes - ones that have made me think of "when I were a lad". I've seen a 250 Superdream, CX500, GS850, RD250 (aircooled), GT185 - All in really good condition (and on the road, not a bike show!!). Not showroom - but really nice. It made me...
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Pinched from Essex Biker site.Taken at Southend I believe. One of the reasons I like Africa Twins is they remind of riding my old CX in the early 80s....except they handle and the brakes work....
  10. Transalp
    Hi everyone Went to nec yesterday 2 up with the panniers fitted as well. Large 45 litre givi's. Bike rode a treat, tyre pressures 32 front and back. Bike still accelerated pretty much as normal. Both of us probably weight bout 10 stone. 46 litre top box on as well. My mate picked the pace up...
  11. Chatter
    A bit I'll grant you, but I've pimped her everywhere else so I may as well mention her here as well... I have an unfinished, rust-proof, fibreglass Mini pick-up project for sale on ebay at the moment, here. More pictures here and copies of all the invoices here. She's called Fubar, by the...
  12. Transalp
    Well as honda australia have just sent me the correct headlight for my bike i will change globes to a higher wattage . Has any one gone too much with upping the wattage causing battery drainage or burning of plastic reflector . My cx500tc was changed when it was my mates and what a difference...
  13. Transalp
    Just been round to a mates and after a couple of months of nudges over gettin his other bike running we started it today. Its a 1976 cx500 twin. Only been stood outside for over a year. A couple of desert spoons of petrol into each cylinder and it fired up. Its on old micron exhaust. Sounds...
  14. Chatter
    Yes it pulled my heart strings today to see an old face on the bike scene hang up his gloves. This bloke used to ride all weathers on his trusty steed alas no more :( The sound of his put put cx will never be heard again :( For reasons I cannot phathom(money) :( Many laughed at him as he...
  15. Africa Twin
    Have a look at this AT, someone tortured it. How do you come up with this. The proportions are way off
  16. Africa Twin
    my link pipe! told you it woz goin high!
  17. Africa Twin
    gettin there slowly, waitin on the pipe connector (goin high with it) i cant quite touch the ground now but hey i like it!
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi, I mounted foglights on my AT and not the expensive Touratech ones. Some of you seem to want to know how i did it, well here is how. I bought some foglights for a car from the online store Conrad. 2 lights with a switch and wire with a relays. I ditched the switch for a smaller switch. I...
1-18 of 23 Results