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  1. Alley Radiators ...

    Africa Twin
    Well the old girl will be stripped and a complete overhaul undertaken around the end of March. Now the original radiators are in a poor state but not leaking the fins are bent ect ect .... So does any of you out there have any experience with the alley ones from say Czech Republic or the...
  2. CZ & SK

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A couple of pics from 2 quick tours of the Czech Republic(or at least the bit nearest us!) and a bit of Slovakia. I was actually searching for old eastern bloc aircraft, so not many scenic pics:toothy9: I won't bore you with pics of rotting MiGs etc ;-) Housing block in Dubnica(SK) Ostbloc...
  3. June 28th for 2 weeks, with no set plan...

    ...So, suggestions welcome !! Was toying with going east, Germany, Czech Rep, Poland ( Visit Auschwitz ), then South through Slovakia... Thats as far as I've got till now. Trouble is the more I look into what to do, the more places there are that look worth visiting. So far I'll be solo, but...
  4. Graves crashbars - Czech Republic HELP

    Hi, I'm leaving in 3 weeks on my latest trip. Uk to India ( but unfortunately my graves crashbars haven't turned up despite being ordered and paid for ages ago. I can't get any reply on their email address or phonenumber. Anybody any other contact details or...
  5. Mastodont Adventure in Czech Rep.

    Africa Twin
    Some nice filmshot from event Mastodont Adventure 2007. this year.... it will be again.
  6. Czech Replublic 06: The search for the perfect Schnapps

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ride to Prague Sep 2006 Five bikers, ten days, six countries and sixteen border crossings. Our main objective was to reach Prague by road. A detour around the Austrian Alps would be a nice bonus
  7. ATAV 2006 in Czech republic

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    As we did last year ATAV 2005, this year we do it again !! Africa Twin Adventure Vikend 2006 in Czech republic : 12.5. - 14.5.2006 (Fri - Sun), in camping site close to Jicin town (60 miles NE from Prague). For more info, please, contact me.
  8. Some pic's of @'s from Czech Republic

    Ride Reports and Pictures ... and more will come... ... and they say we can't go off-road... :twisted: