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  1. Main/Center Stand help please?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. I acquired a centre stand for my RD07 yey! But now I am scratching my head a bit and hope someone can help with a couple of Qs... I searched t’Internet but thanks to online image hosting service change, most images seem to have dissappeared. [So... sorry to resurrect the old...
  2. My daft movie - CRF1000L

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, long time no speak! Been faffing around over summer on my new AT - Uploaded a silly video of my on my trip to Ireland :D 746 miles in 3 days. Anyway, have a laugh - I can really recommend the run from Larne > A2 > Derry > N56 > Gweedore > N56 to Donegal :D:D:D:D Everyone so friendly, go...
  3. Daft question (it is..there's no denying it..) about the fuse box (RD04)

    Africa Twin
    How the heck do I open it? The entire bike is dead and I suspect (aka I hope) a blown main fuse but I can't get into the box and whilst I could force...I don't really want it. There's what appears to be a tab on the "front" (that's the say the side of the box closest to the rear of the bike). Is...
  4. Exhaust Hole

    Now this may sound a bit daft, but I am a newbie to these bikes, but should this hole be there. The reason I even ask is that it is perfectly formed, it doesn't look like its rotted through. Any explanations please. Its at the connection of the silencer to the rest of the pipe, behind the...
  5. Wanted: Wanted URGENTLY! G650 GS Lowering links

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLVED!!! - Wanted URGENTLY! G650 GS Lowering links Hey guys, Tracey finally has her dream G650 GS, :rolleyes: but even with the factory lower seat and the pre-load wound off the back shock and the front forks pushed up the yokes 20mm its still in tippy-toe land. So............... Anyone...
  6. What size Air Hawk for an XR or DRZ?

    Mechanical Advice
    This might be a daft question to some, but what size Air Hawk is correct for mid sized trail bikes? The reason that I ask is that most that I've seen are based on GS's or Cruisers as a benchmark. Thanks in advance.
  7. Got the bike, now the daft Questions!

    Tyres, currently fitted with BT501/2's, the front will need replacing before France in July. So, can of worms but what tyres on the Vara work for you? Next up, screens... Another personal thing I know.... I'm not too impressed with the wind noise from the height adjustable MRA that is fitted...
  8. LS2 Mx453 Dual Sport Helmet - Quick inital review

    Product Reviews
    Ok, So was looking for good dual sport lid, at mid range price, not plastic and could wear goggles under So there is the usual, arai and shoei but the costs are just daft if ask me. After looking googling the big hitters were spada sting, afx fx-39, fly trekker (all same lid diferent liner)...
  9. Replacement Radiators for RD07

    Africa Twin
    My 1995 AT is really in need of replacement radiators.:( Replacement OEM are daft money Has anyone modified another model to fit?
  10. New Shoei.

    My black Shoei flip front is at the age for retirement, i.e. about 5yo. It is still immaculate, comfortable and with the pinlock fitted it is my helmet of choice. It has a fair few miles under its belt so is now retiring undefeated. I do have a Caberg flip-up (NOISY), a Bell RT open face...
  11. Headlamp adjustment

    Africa Twin
    Mine are all over the shop, the left one miles to high and the right miles too low. I have managed to get them both pointing to the front rather than randomly, using the small bolts on the sides. Vertical adjustment. Mr Haynes says to use the small wingnuts for this, the one on the right does...
  12. Allen key button head rear sprocket nuts and sta-tite nuts, whose daft idea was that?

    Guaranteed to round off the allen key hole. it first twisted the allen key so I bought a 3/8' drive hex bit, which rounded of the allen key hole. Not one of Mr Honda's greatest design features. Has anybody replaced these with a hex head sprocket bolt from another bike?
  13. South Wales owners

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, is there anyone in South Wales or the border area who can take my RD07 for a spin? Sounds daft but I want someone to confirm whether the engine is running rough. I haven't been riding long enough to know but I suspect the carbs are out of sync or maybe a plug is breaking down. Just...
  14. Certificate of Conformity

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone have access to a scanned C of C for an RD07 @? I'm getting the run-around from DVLA in trying to register an imported bike but I think I'd be able to complete the required paperwork with the info gleaned from a scan of a C of C. I have emailed Honda UK but not had a response yet...
  15. Ian Coates on the radio

    Ian posted in the chatbox the other day saying that he would be on Radio Leeds on the 6th or 7th of October, I missed it myself but then found it online in the listen again section but it'll only be there for a limited time so I've pinched it and put it on Youtube. It's worth a listen, both he...
  16. The Daft Yanks are at it again

    Be intersting to see who gets blammed for it this time, or what type of music or what video game he / she was playing at the time. Why do the let americans loose with weapons, it like asking McDonalds to look after your cow you know it's not going to end well. I'd like to know the full story...
  17. What's this for?

    Dominator / FMX
    Last daft questions of the day (but tomorrow's a whole other matter :p ) . With pictures! Pic 1. What is this for? It's just below the fuel tap on the left side of the engine. It's a bit gunky, don't remember it being like that when I got the bike. Pic 2. What does this do? Just below the...
  18. xlr 125 sprockets

    hi there im new to this forum, im looking for some advice i have got a 2000 xlr 125, i am using the bike for road use only and have noticed its topping out at 55mph i have been to my local parts shop hoping to get a 18 tooth front sprocket (17 standard) but they can not get one or get me a...
  19. Man down

    Ian Coats the intrepid XRV explorer has had a tumble, on Sunday he was on his barn roof and unfortunately fell through it onto the floor below, he was airlifted to Huddersfield Royal and then transferred to Leeds General which is where he still is right now. He has broken his pelvis and is...
  20. Hallo rerr and a couple of questions.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings all. Being a Dommie newbie, I thought I would join this forum and ask at least one daft laddie question, maybe two? 1. Oil is clearly critical to looming after the beast. How often to change the oil and filter? 2. How do I check the oil level? There's no windae in the...