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  1. The Daily Commute

    I've no idea if this will take off but following on from a thread that Whealie started where the last few posts have been pictures of the days commute. So, how was your commute today? Anything worth taking a picture of? I'll start the ball rolling (if it's going to roll at all that is!) This...
  2. For Sale: BMW R1150GS 2003 ABS EVO Black 46K Miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well I have no idea where to start on this..... let's see how we go.... I'm selling my Beemer as I've just bought a Super Tenere.. fancied a change so the GS has to go now.. although I'm not in any mad rush to sell it, but then again it is taking up space, so will always do a deal to move it...
  3. Is anyone running 17/40 gearing on their RD07?

    Africa Twin
    In the past I've run 16/42 which I was mildly please with, although it didn't really make a lot of difference to cruising rpm and it was hard to say if fuel consumption was any better. My current bike runs a standard 16/45 set up but as my daily commute covers fast A roads and Motorway for a...
  4. I'm only here for the free pen....

    Hello everyone, Just checking in. I've been riding my 05 Varadero 125 for a few months now as my daily commute to work. Great bike. Funnily enough I found the forum after seeing milky oil in my oil level window. Some good advice here has put my mind at rest. I'm based in Leeds by the airport...
  5. Clutch slip?

    Hi all. I generally don't use my bike (XR125 L4) for long journeys, it's mainly a 4-5 mile daily commute to work. Today however i took my bike out for a few hours today, mainly tarmac but some rough stuff too. I noticed that when the bike got up to temperature the clutch started feeling weird...
  6. Could make the daily commute a little easier!!!!!

    Saw these on the Swapz website, certainly make it getting around London!! Same it would be illegal... Swap - Motorcycle Blue Flashing Lights And Siren
  7. Watch the birdy

    I mentioned elsewhere that after a long winter, im back on the back roads for my daily commute now theyve improved in conditions. Great to be off the dual carriageways but there are new troubles to be aware of. Bleedin BIRDS! Stupid pheasants mainly - theyre all horny and chasing each...
  8. AT advice please chaps

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've found an AT on the auction site that's only 10 mile away so I've messaged the fella for a look. Thing is I've never ridden one, nor paid them much attention over the years. But now I'm looking to replace my Pan and I'm looking into the AT or the TA and a few others. So I'd like...
  9. For Sale: AT

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I wish to sell my african twin, had it for 5yrs, used daily commute, done just under 50,000, full kappa luggage, viking seat i would like £1850. Thank you Robmac ps sold it on EBAY, they did not turn up, then they offered me a stupid amount by text message
  10. For Sale: 2002 Africa Twin (RWB)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD - 2002 Africa Twin (RWB) After being made redundant and going self-employed in March last year my faithful old RWB AT has done less than 100 miles (hence my long absence from this forum). So, rather than letting it sit any longer gathering dust, I feel it’s time it was found a new home...
  11. For Sale: Suzuki GSXR 750 for sale/swap

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi i have Suzuki GSXR 750 23k all old mot's to prove miles , wavey disc's all round ,scorpian stainless complete system braided lines mot till may 2011 tax till setember ,lovely bike looking for something for daily commute now ,no damage just ready to enjoy , 1995 £1500 ono or swap ????????? any...
  12. New Member - buying first Transalp 600 - any pitfalls

    Hey, I've done a deal and am going to px my 2000 Honda City Fly for a 94 Transalp, - see it on Motorcycle news, Would really appreciate any help on what I should be looking out for when I go to do the deal? Clunks and smoke??? It's gonna be used on my daily commute 30 miles round trip...
  13. Refurb an AT?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, new to this site and have two questions. 1. Welsh rally for Feb - scrolled and scrolled but cant find area etc information. 2. I have had three AT`s, used for daily commute all year around until 2 yrs ago. Now I just use it occassionally although it is on the road. I am intent on touring...
  14. Rear light LED on Givi Top Box

    Mechanical Advice
    Ive recently been toying with the idea of somehow lighting up the rear of the top box for some better visability for the daily commute especially the bit on the dual carriageway as I toddle along and the idiots pretend that 90mph makes a real difference over 5 miles! Ive got a E360 which has a...
  15. Carrying more fuel on the 650TA

    Hi, I want to carry more fuel, in on or around the bike would be good. I do have a reasonably sized givi top box but would prefer to keep petrol out of there as it normally has my lunch in it. Can i get a bigger tank (useful for my daily commute of 100km's each way) or will I have to resort to...
  16. Recomended rebuilder

    Hi all, I am toying with the idea of get my XL 600RMG a full rebuild done, It us running fine although a little gutless , but to me seams a little on the rattlely side, I am looking to see if anyone can point me in the right direction of a experienced engine builder that could do the job. I...
  17. Honda build quality

    There have been a few posts of late about people taking their TransAlps back with requests for repairs under warranty due to corrosion and failings here is my story..... So far the following have been replaced by my dealer thanks to premature corrosion or paint flaking off where it shouldn't...
  18. Two turn up at once

    I've been looking around for a DR350 for a while now, I even bought a Yamaha TT250R hoping that it would do the job but it just wasn't meant for me. So just like Bristol buses you wait for ages and then two turn up at once The white one is my bargain buy, she needed a bit of work to get...
  19. Annual Mileage . .

    Sad old fart that I am, I just sat down and worked out the mileage I've covered on the bikes I either own or have owned this year. 250 Scooter (daily commute machine) - 3563 BMW F650 (youngest sons bike) - 350 XT225 - 481 Transalp (given to eldest son earlier this year) - 1712 Fazer - 2998 AT...
  20. light upgrade?

    Africa Twin
    Hi troops, My new daily commute includes a 35 mile return trip at 23:00hrs. Any suggestions for the best / affordable / hassle free headlight improvement. Many thanks Paul