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  1. 2007 650 starting issue

    2007 650 starting issue-not charging correctly Hi all, hope someone may be able to throw some light on this... I have bought a 650 TA 2007 with less than 15k in what appears very good condition. It has been parked up in the garage over winter and not used by myself until the last week or so...
  2. Damp Garage or Open Car Port?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, Well its winter again here in northern Germany. Bloody freezing and damp. I have a choice of parking my pristine AT in a damp garage, which I air as much as possible, or under a car port where it will stay dry with no problem with air flow. The bike gets a coating of moisture in the...
  3. who was asking about speed wobbles a while back?

    I remember a post recently about front end wobble on a TA....more specifically, I think it was on a 700, and various owners seemed to think it was almost inevitable... Anyway, in the interests of security I have two U Locks- one is a Kryptonite New York mini, which weights in at a shade over...
  4. poor starting on cold damp mornings

    XL700VA9 so not old but starts and stalls on cold & damp mornings unless revved a few times. Once running its fine and the batteries good and will keep turning it over until it starts. It's supposed to have been serviced but I'm suspecting plugs and/or air filter are the cause, what plugs do...
  5. Soft Day

    Africa Twin
    A little damp today in Dublin ? but no reason to stay inside!
  6. new member getting started

    hello all . I'm the proud owner of an xl250k0 motosport and I need help ive pull the bike apart over the last 6 months and ive just got it back together again but I cant get it to fire up . ive done the points and timing , done valves , new coil and plug . carb cleaned out , heres the thing (...
  7. Exploring around the Southern Alps

    Africa Twin
    After a little trip on my own I was keen to get back to the Sestriere area with a mate - it all felt a bit bold on my own! True adventure indeed. Anyway, mate turned up with a GS and we had a "quick" lap round the Col delle Finistere and Strada dell'Assieta in the afternoon. Quick until we hit...
  8. A Transalp in the snow!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, it's that time of the year again, to go looking for snow! Well, I headed for one of my local ski resorts to see if I could find some of the white stuff! I left Elgin heading for Aberlour, I saw Steve T's silver Transalp sitting at Craigellachie beside the bridge so I presume he'll have...
  9. protection against corrosion

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, It's probably been answered a milion times, but it's still hard to find a comprehensive answer. So here's the question: How to properly clean and protect the metal parts of AT for winter storage? My garage is a cold and pretty damp place (when it rains/snows). Especially i'm...
  10. Michelin Annakee 3's

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone else think these are poop? Compared to the Metz Tourances on my GS they feel proper twitchy in the damp and not that secure in the dry. Done less than 500 miles and TBH won't be doing too many more on them. new tyres when I get the rims replaced. :rolleyes:
  11. Weeping fork seals - urgent HELP!!!

    Mechanical Advice
    Just doing some minor fettling on the NX400 tonight, swapping to folding gear lever, chain oiler and the like. My bodged rear pannier rack almost completed and ready to go on tomorrow once the paint was dry. Then I was looking around at the front end and noticed a spot of damp on the front...
  12. Why is it...

    Why is it that I run into ALL the student drivers and pensioners in the area on the one night when I'm nursing the bike home on a one-strand clutch cable that won't quite disengage the clutch anymore? Never ceases to amaze me how spooked some people seem to get from something as simple as a...
  13. damp in sheds/garages

    howza fellas!. speaking to you guys as the kings of damp, what do you do to reduce damp in your sheds/garages. Some background; I keep my bikes in a garage which is just under street level, but has a big window and reasonably good air circulation. However after seeing some horror stories of...
  14. Long term Storage (2 years)

    Mechanical Advice
    Ladies and gents, I'm preparing to stable the AT for 2 years as i'm leaving Europe and the AT hasn't left my heart which means I'm not prepared to sell it. The plan is - Inflate tyres to max pressure - Drain fuel - Run motor until fuel is out of carbs - Replace coolant - Replace oil and filter...
  15. This years

    Kids Weekend
    XRV kids weekend has been and gone so if you're thinking of coming it's too late so nah nah. Despite somewhat questionable weather :toothy2: it was the usual resounding success. Loads of new faces, some even from XRV :D. My apologies to Stuart because I didn't actually see him on Sunday morning...
  16. New seat cover

    Dominator / FMX
    I just removed the seat cover from my Dommie to find an imprint of the prvious owners ass cheeks and crown jewels on the foam.(YUK!):pukeright: The foam is stained brown from the bike being stored somewhere damp and it took me ages to get the marks off with sandpaper. Where can I find a...
  17. My Transalp won't play in the morning!

    Please Help! My 1998 transalp refuses to start whenever it has rained or been cold and damp. When left to dry in the sun she starts and runs well. I know this could be anything electrical and was thinking of replacing the ignition coils to start with. Any ideas what else to try. Many Thanks
  18. Fairweather Domi please help

    Dominator / FMX
    I live in mostly cold damp Bristol, my Domi won't start when there's even a hint of damp in the air. Once (if) the sun comes up and warms the bike up you can bet it will start first time. When I turn the key to switch the ignition on, the tacho needle does a tiny flicker (similar to how it...
  19. Kitchen utensils which can also be employed in the garage

    In a quest for efficiency in financial outlay and tool storage in my household there has always been potential for developing a range of multi-purpose tools suitable for the kitchen and garage. Previous success stories include the turkey baster/brake fluid extractor, and the controversial...
  20. Which tyres do you reccomend? 1998 600 Translap. (and waffle)

    Evening, I would like your opinion on tyres please. My riding experience covers all types of bike over 16 years, commuting all year round in all weathers and playing at the weekends. I brought my 1998 600 Translap this July after the last 8 years on a 955i Daytona, which was reluctantly sold...