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  1. For Sale: 18'' Rear Wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    AKRONT WHEEL: (very good condition, Fresh Truing done) - AKRONT 18'' 3.0, 32 holes rear Heavy Duty Rim: USED (good condition, signs of ware, no rust) with Heavy duty spokes (v. good condition) - Originat AT Hub: USED (v. good condition, signs of ware) - 5XJerk Damper (almost new) - Original AT...
  2. Transalp 600 rear serviceable shock absorber

    I was thinking of finding an used shock absorber that fits in the frame and linkage of the transalp 600, an rebuild it. It's annoying that the stock damper it's not serviceable, as in change the oil like on the front forks. after some use the oil inside it's just water and I don't agree to pay...
  3. Damper rod measures

    Africa Twin
    I'd appreciate if anyone has AT damper rod lying around and could take A, B, C measures with verniers.
  4. Steering damper for Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Good day to y'all, friends. I'm thinking of installing a steering damper on the old AT RD 04. Any recommendations from you regarding the right equipment to buy and the process to do it. I've seen some pictures on the web, but most of the time they seem equipments that are not really designed for...
  5. Ricor Intiminator Q

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm wondering if the Intiminator will fit & work in the Vara, which has 43mm damper rod forks - that really let the bike down! Are the Intiminators adjustable at all and what oil viscosity do they run? What do you reckon, worth a punt? Where is the cheapest place to purchase them from if...
  6. Damper RD04

    Africa Twin
    Good afternoon, I have a question concerning dampers. 1) Can somebody tell me if Dampers for RD04 and RD03 are compatible? 2) Can you suggest some company that can recondition/repair old dampers? 3) or do you recommend to buy a new one rather than to have a "rebuilt" one? if purchase what...
  7. XR400R Fork Seal Replacement

    Hi, I have a 1998 Honda XR400R I am following the manual on how to replace the fork seals. I have removed the cap, spring and dumped all the oil. The nest step states "Hold the fork damper with the special tool and loosen the fork center bolt" Do I really need to buy this special tool, or is...
  8. XL600 LMF Steering Damper

    Has anyone ever fitted one? If so, got any pics of how you done it? Cheers.
  9. TA 650 steering damper ??

    Hi, A few months ago I was riding a trail with my Edi Orioli Desert Challenge Replica and came to a very muddy stretch when I had about 80 km/h...the bike started wobbling and the steering went from right to left several times.... I was in deep **** in the 15-20 cm deep muddy tractor track and I...
  10. Woobbllee boxes and damper

    Mechanical Advice
    was chatting to Stageonesimmo during the TLD, and got onto the subject of the dreded box wobble that folk with side bins can experience.. Brian has added a threaded rod to preload the cross brace at the back.. mentioned the guy I bumped into on the way back from last years TLD who had a...
  11. Steering damper & bar ends question...?

    Hi, I have found a problem with my xl700 - but its more a problem in my head. Between 20 and 40mph if I 'relax my grip' on the handlebars, it goes inot a massive wobble. Now I know you're supposed to keep your hands on the bars but I can't stop myself doing it now! And surely it must affect...
  12. Rear damper - suggestions

    Anyone needed to change their rear damper ? What type and from where ? What to watch out for to decide the damper is a gone case.