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  1. Using RD04 handlebar-switches on RD04. Is it possible?

    Africa Twin
    Sorry! I have asked this before. I try to erase this post :-) Hi Since the RD04 handlebarswitces is impossible to get from new, I wonder if the RD07 switches fits on the RD04. Anyone have tried this? Best Dan
  2. Confirmed-3rd Countrymen Rally, Haggsbank Bunkhouse Alston Cumbria -12 to 14th May

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    3rd Countrymen Rally, CumbriaHaggs Bank Bunkhouse and Campsite, Alston CA9 3LH, UK From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th May About this event It's time for our third attempt at a rally cum get together in Cumbria near Alston at Haggsbank bunkhouse and campsite...
  3. For Sale: new IMS CRF250L 12L tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale. As brand new. Im looking for £200 and ill post it too. Many thanks Dan
  4. For Sale: For sale iPhone 4 4s ram holder

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi have sold my phone and therefore the ram mount I used on the bike is now redundant....15gbp shipped to the uk ;) Will send photos by email there are no scratches from what I can see... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. import duty/tax

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the goblins sting you on import tax. To be specific I want to import 400 squids of accessories from the US of A . Any ideas? Cheers Dan
  6. help needed on my xl 125r

    Hi all, I currently own a xl 125r which was registerd as a 1987 model, but how can I find out what year it was manufactured, im in need of purchasing new parts for the old girl, and wanted to make sure I supply the correct details, I look forward to any help or advice you can give me, many...
  7. newbie!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everyone my names Dan im from Dublin, Ireland! I've got a 99 XR400 supermoto spec. will get pics of it up soon!
  8. Danny MacAskill does it again

    Fantastic stuff Danny MacAskill's Imaginate - YouTube
  9. Bank Hoilday spin to Ribblehead Viaduct

    Great Roads/Routes
    Check out the blog on The TransAlp Tracey Brothers 73 miles, great roads and fantastic views... one for the evening spin at the meet in two weeks time.. TTB1 Dan
  10. TTB Blog up

    get your up date Blog of the TTB's at: Kirkby Stephen is going to be busy in September!!! Beer & Bangers Festival and XRV National Meet 5th - 8th Sept come on down(or up) Ride safe and have Fun TTB1 Dan
  11. Go on give a guess? your right the TTB's have a Blog up

    Another quick up date from last month, take a look, but not if the sun is shine!! get out there on our bike and enjoy the sun, then read it later over a beer! The TransAlp Tracey Brothers Thanks ride safe TTB1 Dan
  12. Birthday spin out..

    Hi all just to say there is a small Blog up on our site from my birthday spin out yesterday (22nd) and i got sun shine, how lucky am I... Thanks every one. TTB1 Dan :thumb:
  13. TTB'S Agian with another Blog!!

    A quick catch up Blog for your enjoyment! The TransAlp Tracey Brothers Take a look Thanks TTB1 Dan
  14. LOOK OUT EVERYONE TTB's are coming!!!

    Hi all TTB's are in Norht Wales (Bala) so keep a eye out for them, stop and have a chat with them they would love to meet any of you guys. you may be in our Blog as well. Thanks TTB1 Dan
  15. Hi All us again TTB's with another Blog

    Hi All us again TTB's with another Blog if you like take a look. Thanks The TransAlp Tracey Brothers I see the sun!!!!:p will i think? TTB1 (Dan)
  16. Why two spark plugs per cylinder?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know why there's two plugs per cylinder (apart from "Thats how Honda designed it"). Trying to think of a technical reason. I guess its probably just for a more efficient burn?? The guy I bought the bike off suggested that one was "redundant" even though it ran all the time, & was...
  17. TTB1 winter skill trip

    Hi Guys Just a quick one to say there's a new Blog up on are site! The TransAlp Tracey Brothers Many Thanks TTB1 Dan
  18. it's been two weeks!

    Hi all there a new Blog up on the site for your enjoyment! It's been a great two weeks, lots happening. The TransAlp Tracey Brothers Thanks all TTB1 Dan
  19. Hi to everyone

    Just a quick hello to everyone. The Transalp Tracey Brothers have been busy over the last couple of weekends some time out on the bikes as well as other activities. Check out the Blog which as had some changes hope you like. more blogs to follow soon until then ride safe and have fun...
  20. Dalek in the North????

    Hi all from TTB1(Dan) As the big yellow thing was in the sky and shining I got out on the bike!! But it looks like I was not the only one??