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  1. Dutchie needs some help in Wales (fuel pump)

    Africa Twin
    Dutchie needs some help in Wales (update: stranded! But back home) Hi all, Sorry for having a first post with a request for help. I'm on holiday in Wales and my fuel pump is acting wierd. It stops pumping suddenly or sometimes directly after starting. A restart helps and thats how i came from...
  2. Maltese Culture Today.

    Tuesday Morning Malta ... Paul Sky, rider of the Yamaha, said; “I was involved in this accident this morning and luckily I got out of it unharmed... the cause of the accident was mobile phone use while driving (The driver of the van admitted that he was looking at his phone) I hope this photo...
  3. Katara pass

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    "Katara" in Greek means curse Many years before it was the main road connecting central and north west Greece. The road because of the bad weather it was very dangerous that's why it was called cursed As soon as the weather turned bad it was the first road closed because of snow. Also had only...
  4. Rear wheel corrosion? How bad before it's dangerous........

    Hi! I am going to get some pics of the wheel, but it doens't look good. It's a 1996 xl600v.......I am having a hard time finding a "new" wheel up here in Norway :(
  5. Engine Hiccup

    For some time, I have noticed that my 2005 Vara has a dangerous and annoying habit of suddenly stalling, usually after the bike has coasted to a halt or had been trickling on next to no throttle. When I give it juice, the bike just stalls.... happily, years of 2 stroke riding means I am like...
  6. Football is dangerous !!!

    I never realised how bad for your health it can be ! BBC News - Brazil referee decapitated after stabbing player
  7. More madness on our roads

    Major inciddent down here today roads closed on A30 for hours. Two cyclists riding from Lands end to John O Groats were hit by an articulated lorry, both were pronounced dead at the scene a very traggic accident. The bit i don't understand is why people ride push bikes on the busiest roads in...
  8. tyre sizes

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Am I alone in thinking that my TA front tyre looks more like a bicycle tyre? I assume it is unadvisable and probably dangerous to put a bigger one on? Informed comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  9. Cracked discs?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, here's a link to a post I put up on ABR regarding the front discs on my Africa twin, just a wee reminder to all to check their brakes occasionally! Fitting new tyre, noticed dangerous brakes
  10. Dangerous Car Driver!

    Some dick in an Audi reg No: KP57BMV decided that the 75mph in the outside lane of the A34 following the same speed traffic in front of me in the rain wasn't fast enough for him. He was right up my arse, then undertook me with literally a foot to spare, pulled in front and then slammed his...
  11. DVLA - Licence renewed and motorcycle entitlement debacle from a different angle!

    I think we've all read before about the DVLA errors (read horrors) when renewing a licence and having it returned missing entitlements, sometimes HGV but mostly Category A motorcycle entitlements, in some cases resulting in having to take a test again as they wouldn't admit their mistake. Well...
  12. Tough enough penalty

    Watch this little scrote Read more: Motorbike teen spared jail after terrifying chase | The Sun |News In other words a £50 fine and eff-all else
  13. Should umbrella users be treated like bikers?

    After trying to walk in London in the rain yesterday I propose a new legislative programme: Nobody be allowed an umbrella without first taking a theory and practical test. All newly qualified umbrella users to have the size of their umbrella restricted for the first two years. Anyone accused...
  14. Danger of Panniers

    Any comments from Jaqueslemac, SteveT or Cookingfat about idiots on Transalps in french carparks should be discounted right now.... :rolleyes: Watch and be amazed at how dangerous those panniers can be in the wrong hands! Danger
  15. brake pistons

    Quick question (and it may be a very stupid one!). I have just gone to change the brake pads in the front of my 2003 XR400 and when they came out I noticed the pistons look like they are in the wrong way round ie they are hollow! My first thought was thats how it should be but when checking...
  16. Sheep are dangerous!

    Seems the sheep up in North Yorkshire are really something to be reckoned with - Motorcycle catches fire after hitting sheep. I thought they were a bit special when at the National in Rosedale in 2010 as they wait for you to approach and then leap out in front of you! Should make for an...
  17. Poland, is it a dangerous place to be?

    Hi We are to guys on a AT & TA and we have planned a route down through Austria (the old smuggling route) and up again to the Czech Republic and Prague. We have planned to enter Poland from Prague but we have heard some rumors that it is dangerous to stay in Poland because they will steal the...
  18. slight crack front rim

    just noticed today when cleaning my bike ('94 xl600v, gold rims) that there is a small crack running through from each side of the air valve, about half centimeter on each side. how dangerous is it drive with the crack there?
  19. I'm so glad..

    No it's not a number by Cream (remember them?) but just to say I'm glad I don't hear any more about those 'Iron Butt' looneys who want to do that stuff in Europe. Very dangerous, very pointless and very expensive. :rolleyes: I call them 'Conquistadors of the Useless.' There was time when this...
  20. Texting drivers refused insurance

    Seems that finally the insurance industry is taking mobile phone abuse at the wheel seriously - Texting drivers refused insurance. Fair punishment I reckon. Using your phone whilst driving is stupid and dangerous. However, I do foresee an increase in uninsured drivers over this. 100% free...