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  1. Redefining amateur

    My daughters performing in a musical this weekend. I went to see the show tonight as I cant tomorrow. It was an amateur performance of truely amateur porportions :D:D:D In the course of the 2 hours, one of the lead singers came on and sang the wrong song, someone in the choir leaned on a...
  2. Bike clock - in the dark.

    The 600TA doesn't have a clock, so I've been using an old analogue wristwatch lashed onto the handlebars. This is fine except at night. In winter when I ride to work I want to have something that is visible all the time in the dark, without me having to press an illumination button, etc. So...
  3. its getting seriously out of hand

    Yes, im getting seriously out of hand on the ta. This is not good. Night before last I had a woohooo :shock: moment on my way home at 2:30amand not a wayhayyyyy :D . Bike went round the tight corner :shock:.Bike was upto it, but my skills and bottle werent. In the darkness I was 10-15 mph...
  4. What a difference a day makes

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, after my horrible week, managed to get out on the bike and and forget about things - I know its not Salisbury Plain, but armed with my gps and landranger map, I went BOAT hunting - this is what its all about :) :) :) :) :) : In the darkness there is a track. This was the...
  5. alaska ride report with pics (not dial up friendly)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    just thought id post this up, its a couple of guys from my forum here in the USA who did a cool trip, i woz sposed to be on it but my INS travel docs never came thru in time! sorry about the number of pics Well, Matt and I pulled back into Atlanta on 7-1-06 around 7:00pm. We were gone from...
  6. Two days to Horizon's meeting adventure

    So there was i all prepared for the Horizons meet last Thursday. My girlfriend was not feeling well, so i told her to take it easy and we would leave tomorrow (Friday) On Friday we set off, we got as far junction 10 of the M11, i got a rear puncture(Puncture number 1). For those of you that...
  7. F**kin' Hell!!!!

    You wouldn't believe it, but late last night (about 12.30am) I was just starting to doze off whilst watching Blade in bed, when in a half comatose condition I slid my hand up my pillow only for my finger to feel a sharp pain. I quickly drew it back thinking I'd caught a hair in the fabric of the...
  8. Punctures

    Africa Twin
    Got a puncture last night (Saturday), just after 6pm, a little way off the A23 near Chipstead, but in the countryside with all grass verges and no street lighting. I called the AA - of which I have been a member for 18 years. The first thing they offered was a van there in two hours. Yes that's...