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  1. Africa Twin
    My first post - Hi from the heat & humidity of Darwin, Northern Territory Australia people. Has anyone tried installing aftermarket carbs to their AT, such as Keihin FCRs or the like? If so was it a success? Many Thanks Nick (wantok)
  2. Chatter
    But damn, there should be an award for the most entertaining criminals: The police womans genture - priceless. :-) YouTube - Large-bottomed thief caught with his pants down
  3. Chatter
    I know that a death on a motorcycle isn't something that we normally like to hear, but this time I have absolutley no sympathy with the individual what so ever.. BBC NEWS | England | Suffolk | Youth killed on stolen motorbike
  4. Chatter
    This must be one of the best.
  5. Chatter
    not to difficult too work out why he disappeared is,he knew the track record for shipwreck survivors in hartlepool merv