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  1. ULEZ Question....

    Has anyone successfully got TFL to exempt their bikes from the new ULEZ charge? In Dec TFL said my XL650 was exempt from the charge and their "database would be updated to reflect this". So....The ULEZ charge starts in just 3 weeks and their database still shows my bike as being liable for...
  2. Portugal

    Touratech are creating a database of adventure routes through Europe. The first one is in Portugal and available for download.
  3. Ford database

    Great Roads/Routes
    in a homage to Dod's work on the High roads, I found a link for all the known fords and wet roads in the country, just enter and click on your county, only had a quick play but looks good. Enjoy
  4. Database Errors

    XRV site support & help
    Getting lots of vBulletin Database Error pages on this forum and also so Verticalscope seems to have some database issues.
  5. Garmin Zumo Speed Camera Database

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, Does anybody know where you can find speed cameras in the uk that will plug into my zumo for free :confused: Thanks. Marc
  6. poorly bike, helpful police woman & incorrect MOT database

    not been on here for a few weeks - combination of a house move, no internet at home and lots of DIY - but nice to be back... :D been without my 'alp for a few weeks - on the way to work bright and early after not using it for a week (off work for half term) it started hesitantly - five...
  7. Recall database

    Just reading the recall thread for the 700 is there a list of recalls for the 650, mine is 07 reg. In the states there is a site you log into put your vin number in and it tells you what if any recalls there are, checked out a Harley i had.
  8. Euro Garmin Speed Camera database

    Mechanical Advice
    Sorry, that should of course read "safety camera"! I am wondering whether it is worth getting the latest camera database for Europe before pushing off on Monday? I found it useful in France earlier in the year as it acted as an alert when on strange roads/layouts, especially the sneaky cameras...
  9. Speed camera database

    Thought this might interest you people, following the UK Government's freedom of information you can now get access to ALL speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months. Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera, even 1mph over the set limit, it is registered and...
  10. Database error

    XRV site support & help
    Dave the site has been really sluggish tonight and I am getting loads of database error messages. I know MoM has had similar problems. Just a heads up, I am sure you've already noticed and are ontop of it
  11. GPS - Honda European Dealers POI database?

    GPS - Honda European Dealers (or more) POI database? Anyone has? :cool:
  12. VOSA - vehicle recall database

    Hi, Just came across this one looking for recalls of my cars ... the database now also include motorcycles. Check it out Varadero owners :dontknow:
  13. Database

    XRV site support & help
    How about logging everyones reg numbers so when we see a bike we can find out if it belongs to anyone on the forum?