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  1. For Sale: Honda Transalp wheels with Enduro tires.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Very good wheels. Disc rear. Single disc front, with disc. Matching dates, (7/91). As new Enduro tires Rear. Heidenau 130/80T-17 Enduro. Maxxis Maxx Enduro Pro 90/90-21. front. (tires alone would cost £120). Gold anodizing has faded, particularly on the rear but the rims are very sound. Even...
  2. Vendor Rules

    Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a vendor...
  3. Motorcycle live 2015

    Dates & prices out now , usual high entrance & car parking charges & this year they've returned to charging extra for the motor X displays in separated hall. I was going to give it a go this year but not wanting to prebook it works out quite expensive buying tickets on the door. Ian
  4. VIN number manufacture date compared to first registration date....

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I am looking at buying an Africa twin RD07A which is coming over from Greece, The decals and colour scheme is clearly from the 2000-2003 era in Black. However when I decode the VIN number it says it was manufactured in 1998, is this 4 year gap normal?? I have seen a copy of the...
  5. Another AT makes UK to Oz (and a mini help plea)

    Africa Twin
    Hello all; We made it. A month or so ago... now only just sorting the photos and last blog post. I used to participate a bit more on the website but travelling has made it a tad difficult :) IMGP9016 by choli_ao, on Flickr IMGP9021 by choli_ao, on Flickr We cheated and flew back to England...
  6. Ardnamurchan with ADVScotland

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Craig ( Largewayround ) Is holding a soiree at Strontian shortly, go to ADVSCOTLAND, join up and have a hooleee :D Here is some of the views you will see Across Loch Linnhe The Corran ferry, my saviour on a Friday afternoon :D The view from my compound I'm sure Craig wouldn't...
  7. through south america

    Hi Folks Looking to start planning for the trip of a lifetime. Has anyone got pointers toward recommended reading/reference material or other websites where I can begin to plan/research for this trip. Have no dates for departure or time scales penciled in. This thread is a starting point for...
  8. 2014

    Kids Weekend
    Any dates for this year Mr Burner sir? :D
  9. Taffy dakar dates and venue confirmed

    Charity Events
    The Taffy Dakar 2014 Date Confirmed May 2nd to May 5th 2014 More details will be added soon
  10. Camping and bunkhouses at Galloway Reloaded 2013

    Austin's Adventures
    I got in contact with the campsite the other week just to check all was well with the various bookings. Just as well I did as they denied all knowledge of us. Mostly sorted now. :rolleyes: Camping. This will be in our usual area near the climbing tower. When you arrive either pitch your...
  11. Seventh Welsh Invasion 28th Feb - 2nd March 2014

    Welsh Invasion
    These are the proposed dates. Anybody interested?
  12. What would you like from your advanced training?

    If I may ask a question, "What would you like from your advanced training?" I'm mainly focusing on the off-tarmac side of things, but any ideas would be great. This can include prices, times, dates, locations, course coverage, their bike or yours, and how big would you like the training...
  13. Galloway March 2013 - Forest ride postponed

    Austin's Adventures
    Due to the amount of snow and ice on the forestry tracks, advice from the forestry commission and from locals it is not viable to proceed with an organised ride through Galloway forest. I will rearrange for the weekend of 3/4th August 2013. I thought it worthwhile starting a new thread to...
  14. Hi All sorry been out of action for a bit!

    Well that's hope that spring comes soon, getting fedup with snow and the cold, bike under repair again and hope to get it sorted there's a small Blog up on our site The TransAlp Tracey Brothers take a look and hope to get more up dates of the TTB's going on's. All the best and safe riding TTB...
  15. is becoming the centre of my universe

    In a light hearted mood tonight after the day's graft. Have been forward planning in the diary mainly to stop some other bugger pencilling me in for something or inviting me to a meeting. Anyway noticed the amount of dates reserved for " event" and realised that other than the family...
  16. HUBB UK Adventure Overland event is...

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all, just thought I ought to mention that the Horizons Unlimited HUBB UK Adventure Overland event at Donington is just 141 days away now and that there's another 22 days left to snag the £20 discount. I'd hate for you to miss out on that. The dates? 30th May to 2nd June - four days of travel...
  17. TUSCANY 2013 (Updated) 16 to 26 August

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Final dates: 16 to 26 August (not sure how to change the thread above to reflect this...pls mods...?) EUROTUNNEL Outbound Folkestone to Calais departure 08.50 Friday 16 August inbound Calais to Folkestone departure 18.50 Monday 26 August (Bank Holiday) Tony Varadero (train booked) DDY (train...
  18. Erzberg Enduro 30 May - 2 June

    Africa Twin
    Well just got some dates from the organisers of the Erzberg Enduro. The dates are Thursday 30 May till Sunday 2 June , the distance from my place (Northampton) is 996 miles door to door :D im planning on taking the tunnel plus a tent and the odd B&B ect ect. After im planing to drop down @ 300...
  19. Erzberg 2013

    Africa Twin
    Hi People Im thinking of going over to watch the Erzberg Enduro about June time next year. I say June time they have not relised dates yet..... After the event i want to ride over to Stelvio Pass in Italy for a few days then pop in a the "Ring" in Germany on the way home. Im...