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  1. Dies after a minute ... then starts after a little break

    Sorry guys ... not the right place on the TA forum I know (although I've still got her ;)) ... the problem is with my daughters scooter. Driving me nuts it is ... starts ok, runs for a minute, then dies a slow death. Wait a minute or so, and repeat the process. Anyone know of a website with all...
  2. Wanted: I would like a Africa TWin please .

    For Sale / Wanted
    Happy new year to all of you. Right. I would like an AFrica twin please. Limited funds unfortunately got two daughters at university! Would like a clean tidy low mileage one if possible. DOnt know how realistic that is but I've got a week to try and sort a new bike as I have moved jobs. If...
  3. slice of Zebra anyone?

    Just been to pick up my daughters birthday cake and I think they gave me Whealies by mistake :)
  4. Wanted: Zumo 550 car mount!

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Over rough treatment by my daughters has buggered the car mount for my trusty Zumo, anyone got one that is of no use to them that they would like to flog me?
  5. Wanted: Rear Footpeg Bolts RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need a full set of bolts to fit the rear footpeg hangers to the frame. My young daughters are dying for a pillion ride on my new 1993 RD04. Does anyone have a set tucked away in their garage please?
  6. Withdrawn: Loan of chain riveter - Derby area

    For Sale / Wanted
    as it says above, does anyone around Derby have a chain riveter that I could borrow? I've got to replace one of those oily chain things on the daughters bike but don't have the tools to rivet the new chain. promise I'll take care of it if anyone is kind enough to loan me one :)
  7. My daughters first bike trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    My daughter started going on the back of my Transalp in the spring and has grown in confidence so we planed a little camping trip to the mainland. Route was decided leave Arran on the Lochranza to Claonaig ferry then ride up the coast to Glencoe via Oban camp at Glencoe and return the next day...
  8. Daughters

    whilst working in deepest West Wales today I had a phone call from a loverly french lady speaking some foreign language to me. So being agentle man I said I 'am not interested in what ever your selling because I can't understand you. Just about to hang up when I heard my daughters voice in the...