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dave's mod
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  1. Dominator / FMX
    As I fitted a Wiseco hi-comp piston to my Dommie, and I'm considering exhaust options (XR headers, 2 into one, different silencers), I wondered about jetting, and also about 'Dave's mod' which I've seen mentioned a few times here but searches yield nothing. So, can anyone point me to 'Dave's...
  2. XR
    After doing the Dave's Mod to my XR650l i think the throttle (twist grip) does'nt return as quick as it did before although I never really paid it much attention before. This is with the engine off. Its quite slow, I remember my old triumph used to snap back shut. I removed the 2 cables again...
  3. XR to the site but have been looking on it for a while. I am going to Ireland this weekend to pick up (ride back) an 03 XR650L. Can't wait as I have wanted one of these for years and have finally been in a position to have one. Its a US import with all the smog gear still fitted and from...
1-3 of 3 Results