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  1. GPR Exhaust & Headers For Sale

    Africa Twin
    The exhaust is for the RD03 but I’m sure it’s a close fit for other models. Price is €150 Price New is €265 RD03 Headers €100 Might fit other models but I’m not sure 89 HRC Africa Twin 650
  2. New AT dct 《9k!

    Africa Twin
    Anyone looking for a new AT CRF1000, brand new dct models can be had for under 9k with 3 yrs interest free. Strikes me as a relative bargain! Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  3. custom transalps post them up here please

  4. Manual CCT

    Hi, just installed this weekend manual cct on my Dero. The bike feels smoother at idle but rolling it seems a struggle a little or could be just placebo I dont know. Should I turn off 1/4 on the mcct? will be need to put the engine at TDC? cheers
  5. For Sale: Inner tubes fs/free

    For Sale / Wanted
    Slowly having a clearout New 17'' Michelin Airstop fits 110/70/80/90, 120/70/80 £8 Michelin Airstop new/little used fits 120/90 130/80 140/70 - 17 £8 Used & patched twice B'stone fits 110/120/130 -17 free Used and patched twice Michelin looks little used 110/120 - 17 free New vee rubber...
  6. eBay: Used CRF1000-L DCT.

    eBay - CR/CRF/CRM
  7. Does the Spark plug fire on every TDC on Transalp?

    Hi, question regarding camshaft installation and ignition timing: Is it possible to get the Camshaft installed 360 degees wrong or does the transalp fire on every TDC? Given the assumption that the front and rear cylinder are correct installed in relation to each other (Rear (RT) 232 degrees...
  8. RD03 Invasion!

    Africa Twin
    I couldn't help myself :p After having so much fun restoring my first RD03, I decided to import two more into California. I'll begin restoration soon with plans to sell them. My restored bike is closest...:thumbup:
  9. XR650R DC power

    Hi lads I'm looking to install a pair of LEDs lights and a USB charger on my XRR, but as it only has AC power, I need some advice on how to go about doing that. I've looked at the BajaDesigns dual sport kit for the XRR, but I already have blinkers and brakelight, so it seems a bit expensive...
  10. if you like ac/dc lathes spaners sheds enduro and transalps your going to love this

    Transalp 600 enduro cross - YouTube
  11. Tigger combo in Cardiff

    Minding my own business mowing the lawn this morning, when a Tiger and chair went past. Just don't see combinations these days...... was it anyone on here? (Oh, and a DC3 has just flown over... it's turning out to be an interesting day!)
  12. Dommy rebuild problem.

    Dominator / FMX
    I have just fitted my new Wiseco piston from an XR 650 but when the piston is at TDC it stops 5mm from the top of the barrel. Is it supposed to be like that or should it be flush with the top? Wouldnt that make the compression too low?
  13. led light bulbs

    Has anyone fitted led bulbs on their xr 250. I only ask as the xr lighting circuit is ac and I believe led bulbs are designed to run on dc.
  14. How to set the points on a classic DT

    I have an old DT175 and I am just abou tto set the points gap but I cannot find any info on it . I have tdc but I need the specs of Gap and how many degrees or mm before tdc that I need to set it to , If anyone has the info i would gratefully appreciate it
  15. jellys 05/01/13

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone fancy joining me, DC & Stan for breakfast this Saturday. :)
  16. DC's Scottish cousin

    Reportedly taken in Aberdeen. I didn't know know Russ had relations up here.
  17. Above Blessington lakes.

    Africa Twin
    Above Blessington.
  18. The Official Tax Dodge of the 2012 Olympic Games?

    Enough to make you cynical eh?....Luckily, I'm immune. :hitler: 38 Degrees | Olympic Tax Dodging petition If you go..don't forget....You can ONLY use VISA cards (the official card of the 2012 Olympics) :rolleyes: Bless...:color:
  19. I could watch this stuff all day...

    DC SHOES: KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA FIVE: ULTIMATE URBAN PLAYGROUND; SAN FRANCISCO - YouTube Come on, there was a bike in it at some point :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  20. Fuel Exhausts ??

    Anyone fitted a Fuel Exhaust to their 700 ? Look pretty decent and no need for remapping plus at around £160 they sound good value. Honda Transalp XL700 Exhaust | Fuel Exhausts