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  1. Replacement Topbox lock

    Just wondering whether anyone knows of a suitable source for replacement barrel lock for my Honda Topbox on my Transalp XL700? The one on at the moment is getting more and more fiddly to open every day and is only a matter of time before it refuses to open. The OE replacement lock set is Honda...
  2. Africa Twin £2300 Discount & 0% PCP Deal

    Africa Twin
    Up to £2300 off all new Africa Twins, up and down the land at Honda main dealers 0% finance too and only £99 deposit down on a PCP deal Not quite as good as last year's John Banks Honda mega deal - but not to be sniffed at for just £99 down...
  3. RD07A original add-on parts

    Africa Twin
    Hello This post is for those who bought their RD07/07A new from dealers back then when they were still in production. :rolleyes: I'm curious about original add-on parts from Honda: were there any? Crash bars, luggage racks, anything else? Have You ever seen any Honda catalogues with original...
  4. Let's see your CRF1000 Africa Twin !

    Africa Twin
    This is a thread just gagging to get off the ground innit ? Looks like Bob will be first up if he makes it home safely in this weather from Crawley today ! :D ( Only post please if you've actually left the dealers with your new bike and a fat grin ! :) ) (Most of the Original AT's still on...
  5. What bike to get next

    Well, I have been looking and reading and looking, gone for Honda 700 NC, 750 NC and for some strange reason, I am seriously looking at R1200 GS. Not new, I hasten to add, that would definately mean divorce. So, any hints and tips about buying a GS, what to look out for ect. Interestingly...
  6. Service manual. Where to get one?

    Dominator / FMX
    The header says it all really! So the new Dommie is awesome and I am loving every minute on it. However in my quest for complete independence from dealers I need a service manual. I can't find a Haynes one for the NX650, although I suspect the XR650 is similar. Does anyone know where to get a...
  7. Where to find a Honda RD04 manual?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Have been looking for a while for the Honda Workshop Manual for the RD04 (I have a 1990 model). I have scouted the internet, kept an eye on E-bay, mailed all kinds of Honda dealers but no one is able to help me. I have a Haynes manual but I prefer a original Honda manual. It doesn't have...
  8. Found: £ for £

    For Sale / Wanted
    cree u5 | eBay i've had these on for a couple of months, used mega daily, installed pretty well, switched, heat shrunk, fused-relay etc. There now appear to be dealers all over the net, prices have dropped considerably, but same product maybe. Anyway, for those of you who can't/won't stretch...
  9. RD04 Top Box - Advice Needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I need a bit of advice when it comes to a top box please - I was thinking of buying a Givi Monokey but does anyone know if a universal fitting plate is required; or is there a specific Givi base kit I need to buy to fit the Monokey for the RD04? Any help with model 'reference numbers'...
  10. Replacing front sprocket

    Hi I've been replacing my front sprocket and there seems to be a wee circlip between the sprocket and plate/two bolts that is in poor shape which I intend to replace. My local Honda dealers say that I don't need this circlip and they don't have a part number for it. Tried putting the new...
  11. Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire YO51

    Anyone here living within a mile or two of this town who could have a look at a bike for me please at a dealers? YO51 9NS It's a 3hr+ trip for me so it'd be nice to get an independent overview if possible. ;-)
  12. xr 125 going back/recalled for repair

    i have a fault on my bike where it cuts out and drains my battery if and when it wants .. so i looked on here and other sites for a solution and seen that bikes from new got recalled due to a dodgey wiring harness or something along them lines so i looked on vosa's website and seen that mine was...
  13. How long should steering bearings last?

    My daughter's peggaso zip went in for a service yesterday, apparently the steering bearings are shot and Peggaso consider bearings as consumables, the dealers trying to argue my case for a warranty repair, the bikes ten months old and has done three thousand miles, surly there must be some...
  14. Uncomfortable Fleabay

    I've just put my Transalp on ebay and immediately get lots of E-mails asking 'How much do you want for it'? or 'What's the lowest price'? or 'Would you accept.....'? I'm not sure why, but this kind of thing irritates me. Are they dealers or individuals. They just come over to me as chancers...
  15. Great contact for machined / fabricated parts

    Africa Twin
    If you need any one-off parts machining for your bike you could do alot worse than checking out this guy: Highly recommended :thumbup:
  16. Acerbis tank available again?

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking at the new 2013 Acerbis International catalog I saw where the 23l tank shows to be listed now for all the Dominator years. I've tried to contact Acerbis a few times by email with no response. I've also had no luck contacting a couple of Acerbis dealers in Europe. Does anyone know of an...
  17. Honda Dealer closed

    Just noticed one of the local Honda dealers has closed its doors. Pidcocks Honda have relinquished their Honda dealership. The premises remain and they have moved their Triumph dealership there. Oh well, thats where I used to go for bits etc.
  18. Snap-on multimeters

    Discounts / Deals
    EEDM504D, Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter These are £200+ on the website, dealers promotion at the moment £99
  19. Reliable Transalp Mechanic: Recommendations?

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a reliable/trusted mechanic to do some work on a 1988 600v that's needs to go back on the road soon. Has anyone got any recommendations? Obviously due to the age of the bike I don't want to spend a fortune on labour costs so main dealers are probably out of the...
  20. second hand parts for AT

    Africa Twin
    Are there any breakers who deal in second hand spares for the AT? They seem to be a cult bike, there are often dealers who focus on this kind of market. Chunko'.