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  1. SLR Seat recommendations re. comfort

    Dominator / FMX
    I am delighted with the performance of my SLR now that I have debaffled etc. However I would be interested in any options that might be available to make the seat more comfortable or possibly a different seat that might fit Anybody use these gel packs that strap on to existing seat from a...
  2. Debaffled my SLR today

    Dominator / FMX
    Took the plunge & debaffled my SLR today What a difference in sound, now it sounds like a big single should(poor man's KTM I guess:-)) Will tackle the carb removal for rejetting next Pictures tell the story, not the prettiest but who cares the sound is amazing!!
  3. For Sale: 1997 SLR650 T&T 17000 Miles - no faults

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking to sell my SLR650. The bike is standard apart from debaffled exhausts, 1T bigger front sprocket, 170 Main Jet (Which amounts to lots more midrange torque and comfortable all day 70MPH cruising). It's got a high level MX style front mudgaurd and Renthals. The bike's in good condition...
  4. my first offroader, bought this three weeks ago needing a bit of tlc...

    and now it's ready to use for the summer, out of the way so i can get on with finishing other projects. completely stripped and cleaned it, repainted exhaust and debaffled, new plate and tank stickers, rebuilt carb and a few other little jobs along the way: now to fix the sticking front...