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  1. Paris Dakar Decals

    Does anyone know where I might get some of these Paris Dakar decals as shown in the attachment. Thanks
  2. Decals

    Africa Twin
    The @ is ready for paint ( new rally fairing & rear guard plus everything else either upgraded or changed) but I'm undecided on the decals, apply after paint or have them lacquered? The bike gets used off road so it's not going to stay in showroom condition. Next question where to have custom...
  3. xl 600 lmf decals

    Hi all, i will be buying a decal set for the lm soon and on ebay there are some sets from here in the uk and others of italian origin with the prices much and such, i just wondered if anyone could point me to the best quality, cheers
  4. Fit RD04 decal set on RD07 fairing?

    Africa Twin
    Started peeling off flame stickers on rear fairing, all of a sudden I was sanding and painting the tank ... :) I really like the look of the RD04 in HRC colors and I have been looking at this HD africa twin xrv 750 rd 04 decal graphic set stickers | eBay . Anyone fitted RD04 decals on a RD07...
  5. Shasta White Varadero - tank decal issue?

    Hi guys.... The offside white decal on my Varadero tank is "yellowing" so is now a different colour than the nearside one. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how was it rectified please?
  6. Fairing decals

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know anywhere to get decals that aren't genuine honda? But look reasonable??
  7. For Sale: Africa Twin side panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale right hand side panel in excellent condition £45 posted or £40 pickup all lugs in place if your decal is scratched etc maybe a good buy for somebody postage is for uk Was going to use as a spare but not needed now<br><br><img...
  8. Air filter cover decal.

    Africa Twin
    On my air filter cover (on top of the tank RD07a) there is a plain bit on the textured black finish that looks like it should have a decal on it of some description,should it have anything on it?
  9. アフリカツイン

    Africa Twin
    Perhaps a laser-cut decal somewhere unobtrusive :) Katanas had kanji on 'em, back in the day? I'm sort of looking @ where a sticker or two may stick ;)
  10. Transalp XL700 Decals

    Has anyone removed the TRANSAP Decals from their 700? Personally, I think it looks tacky and have removed mine. Just stuck with empty fairings now. Anyone have any cool ideas to "spruce" it up? Thanks.
  11. Anyone Tried These Decal Sets

    Hda XR 400 XR400 Full Decal Sticker Graphics Set Moto X | eBay Hi all anyone tried these the tank decals aren't perferated so I would of thought they would bubble, anyone with any results ??
  12. rothmans decal kit

    Africa Twin
    anyone know where i can get a rothmans decal kit? something along these lines even if its just the main stickers and not the red and gold stripes thanks
  13. rd04 decal bidding wars

    Africa Twin
    is it just me? fleabay, Every 4/5 days, the seller puts 2 sets on, 1 B.I.N £45, the other auction starting £20. Does it not make sense to let the 1st bidder win the set & 2nd bidder to grab the nxt set that comes along afew days later? Or am i just a penny pinching git (thrifty)?
  14. Anyone bought these decals

    Africa Twin
    Seen these decals on eBay . HD Africa Twin 2007 Full Set decal graphic set stickers | eBay Anyone bought from the seller and if so what is the quality like?
  15. xrv stickers/decals

    Im sure this question has been asked many times before, but Ive seen lots of pictures of bikes with XRV stickers on, are they still available??, and if so, where from??, cheers.
  16. SLR Tank decals

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi I have just bought an SLR 650 from a forum member here, everything is to my liking except the tank decals. Does anyone know if these are lacquered over or can I just pull them off with a little heat and some tooth floss. Thanks
  17. chain wear decal

    Hi all... have just managed to change the chain and sprockets on my 650. all is ok and well....and I am extremely chuffed since this was an extremely big challenge for me:p. the only casualty is that I managed to destroy my chain wear decal/sticker in the process.:( 1. Can I live without this...
  18. 1995/6 decals

    Africa Twin
    Where can i get the AFRICA TWIN logo witht he white and blue part that on the front panel below the headlight? reason, mine are fine but if or when i go to put a rally front section on i want to keep the original paint scheme John...
  19. For Sale: XRV Paris dakar tank decals

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I have just got the decals priced and they ar £45 plus postage to your country drop me a message if your interested payment by paypal prefered.
  20. xl 600 paris dakar tank decals

    Hi I am new on here , I have just finished renovating my paris dakar version and was wondering if anyone was interested in getting tank decals, I have had them made up and they are as good as the originals let me know if you are interested.