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  1. XR Technical Specs
    Hi there. This is my XR400 which hopefully will take me to the Sahara later this year, but not before I check the valves and cam chain. Does anyone have the valve clearances and any special info I may need. It has the standard decompression lever. Thanks in advance Ben
  2. XR
    hi guys,i recently purchased an xr400 that had been sat a few months with the top end off having just had the rings replaced and not put back together.i have built it backup and its low down on question is can someone explain how the auto decompression system works. I can see how...
  3. XR
    Gday how do I replace the o'ring where the decompression arm goes into the head. I can visibly see the o'ring but i dont know how to remove the arm/actuator.
  4. XR
    When I first bought the bike the manual decompressor wouldn't do anything, you could pull it and the cable would move the arm on the crank case but it wouldn't decompress at all. Since doing the valves (albeit one too tight) this started working and I could decompress and kick all day long...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    It is really necessary to instal auto decompression system on camshaft? If I not install it what will happen?
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Hello I need to buy new camshaft to my FMX 650 (marking R4). I have destroyed camshaft and also auto-decompression mechanism. Probably it is the same camshaft like in NX650 and XR650L. I found some on US ebay, Hot Cam. Price is very nice but it is aslo a note "Does not use auto-decompression...
  7. XR
    Guys, anybody have spare decompression cable mount? Small shaped piece of metal. Could ship it to Latvia? :)
  8. Suzuki
    quick question going to attempt the valve clearances for the first time on the dr tommorow. as mine is a kick start model thus it has a manual decompression lever do i have to completely disconnect the actuation cable. cheers martyn
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, just introducing myself. Its 20 years since I had a bike on the road, but now the kids have grown up I've done the mid life crisis thing and got another bike. I've picked up a FX650 off ebay, it looks like it's not been service or looked after very well, so I'm just in the process of...
  10. XL
    Hi all Sorry if this is a stupid question.... I have just put an XL600R back together from a box of bits, got her to run for a few minutes, but I noticed there is oil inside the left hand casing ( Rotor) Should there be oil in there? My other problem is.. I fitted a new decompression cable...
  11. XR
    Whilst out trail riding today, crashed and the bike went over for a minute or so. Stood it up again and then attempted to start it :( I should say, it's not got a decompression lever and boy do I know about it now! It took forever to get going again, (when normally it's a doddle), and I'm...
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    hi, iam after the section of cable that runs down from the de-compression lever on top of engine - down to behind the kick start / clutch if anyones got one laying about :thumbup: want it for a xr250r (1987) if not i will have to get one from honda. thanks .
  13. XR
    Hi Guys, Have posted thread today with ref to Cam shaft, does any one know where, how i can remove the Auto Decompression System from my Cam. Many Thanks Jay
  14. XR
    hi huys have got a 97 xr600 which i am just doing up and have just noticed the decompression lever on the side of the head has a bolt through it locking it shut if you know what i mean, is there a reason for this as the bike kicks up everytime second time, cheers guys regards ****
  15. XR
    Hi Guys, I have just stripped my XR 400 (02) today to replace the piston Rings, all went really well except i could not find the decompression plunger and spring located in the cylinder head. I can only assume two things, 1 it never had one fitted or 2 when i removed the cam shaft and cam...
  16. XR
    I've read some posts on here where people have advised using the decompression to help kickstart the xr250. Mine is a bugger to start and sometimes wont even start after 20 good hard kicks (its an 86 model). My mate has pointed out wher part of the decompression is, although he says theres meant...
1-16 of 16 Results