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  1. electric problems / tachometer fault / fuel pump defect

    Africa Twin
    Hello to all! I have a problem with my Africa Twin 1992 RD04. Following happend: During last trip, battery fell dry. Suddenly controll lamps from fuel lamp flashed on and one minute later my bike stopped. --> fuel pump was gone i overbridged fuel pump and could drive further on. But...
  2. Continously Resetting Tripmeter and/or Defect Cooling Fan >> Solved!!

    Africa Twin
    When testing the bike it became overheated and the Cooling Fan did not turn on. So I checked the fuse .. Hmm, Looks Ok. So I removed the tank and the Fan, hooked it on 12 V and it turned. I measured the connector comming from the bike, no 12 V?!?! :confused: Let's check the fuse again, Looks ok...