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  1. Wanted: Touring screen / deflector for ST1100 pan

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Posting on behalf of a mate who has a 2002 ST1100 Pan. Looking for a touring screen or deflector. Thanks DJ.
  2. Best touring screen for the AT?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All. I'm 6'2", wear an Arai Chaser, & find that the tall screen I have directs a massive wind blast onto my crash helmet. It doesn't have a deflector lip. When I crouch down behind the screen its lovely & silent, sit up & its all RAAAAGGGHH. Not great. Any product suggestions chaps?
  3. wind deflector hand guards

    Bodgers Corner
    No doubt been done before, they are very effective in this bitter weather :o Required materials; 2 x 2L Semi Skimmed Milk countainers 6 x Zip Ties 1 x Pair of scissors Result;
  4. Headlight Beam Deflectors

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Everyone, Im off to Brittany the end of the month and first time in europe on a bitish bike, Do I need to deflect the beam on the headlights, and what do you need to carry ie spare bulbs, vis vest, large envelope of euros ( for fine's);) etc...
  5. wind deflector

    hi guys, can anyone recommend a decent wind deflector? i bought the biggest screen i could get (givi) a couple of years ago and it really is not enough so i am thinking about other possible options. thanks.
  6. Rear Shock Cr#p Deflector

    Check it out
  7. Varadero Rear Shocker Cr#p Deflector

    Bodgers Corner
    Whilst greasing up the rear suspension bearings, I thought I’d have a go at knocking up a little Cr#p deflector for the rear shock absorber. Using the little rubber flappy thing that hangs over the rear tank mounting mountings! as my starting point, I got a suitable bit of plastic sheet, 3...
  8. Anyone tried the Aero-Trim screen deflector?

    Has anyone tried the Aero-Trim screen deflector? It looks like the MRA Vario one which everyone seems to rave about, but is a lot cheaper. Thoughts please! Cheers J
  9. vario screen for transalp '93 - or deflector

    Hello, I've just finished my trip Finland - Poland on my TA . Everything was great , only one thing have spoiled my holiday. F........ screen !!!!! So I'm looking for proper screen . I've tried givi but is too short so now I'm after MRA vario screen or if someone know where I can get sort of...