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  1. Headlight Beam Deflectors

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Everyone, Im off to Brittany the end of the month and first time in europe on a bitish bike, Do I need to deflect the beam on the headlights, and what do you need to carry ie spare bulbs, vis vest, large envelope of euros ( for fine's);) etc...
  2. Observation on new screen for xl700

    I spent ages researching tall screens for My xl700 and found very little. I previously had an mra various and have just bought a genuine honda tall screen. Thought I would write my observations. In a nutshell the honda screen is better up to about 60. Visor up is no problem. But over 70...
  3. Screen Deflectors

    Has anyone bought a seperate "Adjustable Wind Deflector" for their TA screen from any UK source ? I know i saw a "universal" one on fleabay before i purchased the TA and searchin at present finds nowt. Any advice welcome - although that MRA Vario screen does look the biz (thanks to Phil W for...