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  1. XL
    Hi, I'm looking for a manual for my 94 xl 250 degree. It's quite difficult to find. I have found a clymer the covers a range of models but I feel it might not quite cover mine. Can anyone offer any advise as to where and what manual to get? Thanks
  2. Dominator / FMX
    can i fit an slr clock set to my dommie without needing an electrical engineering degree:p
  3. XL
    Hi - total newbie to dirt bikes here. Been lent a not-so-tip-top Honda XL250 Degree by a colleague, need to keep it up and running. Problem no.1 (which you can't solve!) is I live in rural Cambodia - no mechanics here who I'd trust with anything beyond pumping the tyres. They just haven't ever...
  4. XL
    Does any one know were I can download a copy of a service manual for a Honda XL degree
  5. XL
    I've still got problems with my XL 250 Degree.. I've got the ignition all working correctly, but now it appears that the plug is getting covered in oil. I first found that the oil was too high (filled by the previous owner) and now i have replaced the oil and filled it to the correct level...
  6. XL
    Can anyone help in locating a CDI for a XL 250 Degree, i cant seem to find one anywhere? cheers all
  7. XL
    Hello all, as this is my first post i'd like to say hello...! I've just bought a XLR 250 Degree Jap import from ebay. It was bought as a non-runner and i've got it running (idle is a bit shakey though). I've got a couple of questions, I've downloaded the NX250 manual which is apparently same...
  8. XR
    what are the correct tyre pressures for a 250cc Honda degree
1-8 of 8 Results