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  1. Idea to save bikes when they go off balance.

    How about a side stand each side of the bike that automatically flips out when stationary and leaning more than a few degrees to either side. Sure would save a lot of damage.:) Just an idea. Pete
  2. Aluminium levers

    CRF - New Forum!
    My lad come off his CRF250 and bent the clutch lever nearly 90 degrees he's ordered a new one, so will the old one straighten up to use as a spare. Can you anneal aluminium, or will it just bend back without snapping, Cheers Mike
  3. How to set the points on a classic DT

    I have an old DT175 and I am just abou tto set the points gap but I cannot find any info on it . I have tdc but I need the specs of Gap and how many degrees or mm before tdc that I need to set it to , If anyone has the info i would gratefully appreciate it
  4. I don't read the Torygraph but...

    Please support this petition if you care about justice, humanity and common sense :) Release an Unfairly Jailed War Hero | Campaigns by You
  5. Shocked but not Surprised....

    "You're all in it together!"....continued FFS !!!! Save Sark from the Barclay brothers | Campaigns by You So who was the Man Who Sold The World?.......I think we need a word... :rolleyes: :mad:
  6. The Official Tax Dodge of the 2012 Olympic Games?

    Enough to make you cynical eh?....Luckily, I'm immune. :hitler: 38 Degrees | Olympic Tax Dodging petition If you go..don't forget....You can ONLY use VISA cards (the official card of the 2012 Olympics) :rolleyes: Bless...:color:
  7. Merry xmas from sunny Myanmar!

    Wishing you all a lovely xmas...we'll think of you when we sit down to our traditional turkey...with the air con on and 30degrees outside:D At least you've all got your bikes though...
  8. out & about

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    'twas me day off (from the kids) so thought i'd go for a ride. I did my usual thing & set off to ride one of the routes that i've done so many times before, but always with mates & therefore always so fast that i spend the whole time a) trying to stay upright & b) trying to keep up... also as...
  9. Applecoss and Skye and only one midge bite!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Apologies to Rick, may be meet up next time , set off before I got your PM.. sorry mate Well the weather was superb, and had a weekend to my self.. wife off on a girlie pamper trip with sister & daughter..... soo Dropped them off in Aberdeen a 1400hrs.. 1500hrs tent ( new Kayam biker, need...
  10. Trail Tech Vapor

    Just wondering if anybody else out there has the same problem as me. The ambient temperature sensor is over reading by 5-10 degrees C when it's been used for a while. I spoke to trail tech and they said it's a common fault on this model, because it's a sealed unit, they are having problems...
  11. Aerostich Roadcrafter one piece suit

    Product Reviews
    I've had my suit for over a year now and am well pleased with it. The advantage of it over conventional gear is that it can be worn over whatever you're wearing. If you want to go for a run no need to change just put your boots on and step into the suit. It's made out of goretex lined heavy...
  12. Symtec Heated Grips.

    Hi All, Im a relative newbie to the site, just thought Id drop in a good word for a nice bit of kit that I just installed on my 07 Alp Just returned from my first chilly night ride using my new symtec grip heaters, I must say Im very impressed with them, I fitted the wrap around heater element...
  13. XR250R - New Boy - Advice and Help Required - Part 1

    Hi, I am new to the wonderful world of the XR - and have recently bought a 1998 XR250 R. The bike is pretty good and seems have the same 'niggles' as everyone else (ie: starting the thing) - but overall I am really impressed. Anyway - I am hoping to do most of the home mechanics myself and...
  14. 1200GS Screen on 650TA

    On Sunday I was tidying the garage and a screen fell on my head (it had been stored in the roof since I sold my 1200GS). Fortunately it was bubble-wrapped but it got me thinking..........the screen on a 1200GS isn't particularly big but it offers good protection, and now the weather's getting...
  15. Got it... Ride it... the new Transalp 700!

    Nicely parked behind both Dero's we have a guest staying over for the next week! Karinda picked our brand new (only 100 mls / 160 km on the ODO) XL700V Transalp up from the Dutch Honda Importer near Amsterdam last monday (Nov. 12th) and drove the bike back home to Groningen that evening (250...
  16. Rugby World Cup - Marseille

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    What can I say? This has been the best world cup for years: Plenty of action & upsets. I managed to get tickets at the 11th hour for both Marseille Quarter Finals. Rushed to fit new tyre and chain kit. The skinned knuckles were worth it - Once trip was arranged Mrs banned me listening to...
  17. Corsica

    Just back from my trip, what a place. did the Route Napoleon on the way down outstanding :D :D :D :D :D . The scenery and roads on the island cater for everybody, long sweeping bends perfectly surfaced, not so good surfaced mountain roads ideal for Gs's oh and some hondas :cool: and it averaged...
  18. half OFF toppic : TA wins local rally

    hi, The annual local rally "golan to eilat" took place in july this year, a bit odd since the temperature in this area this time of year is around 46 degrees centegrate. anyway, a very strange guest took part in this frame&shocks cracking event - a stock (!) honda transalp 650. the only...
  19. oh oh new!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hallo to all, I’m new and like to introduce myself, am Dutch and living in Germany, a week ago I bought a African twin :headbang:. This weekend I drove a round in the warm weather (35 degrees:violent2:) and I have to say that the bike drives very nice the only thing I was surprise of was...
  20. Well that was muddy :-)

    Just got back, washed and unpacked from Glastonbury and for those that saw the pictures on the telly, let me tell you conditions were worse:p That said, despite rain, mud and a 10 hour wait to get off site (9hours sat still without even turning on the engine:angry1: )this was by far the best...