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  1. I'm thinking I might as well......

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys I took my SLR650 off the road last month just to give it a clean up. Well the inevitable happened and whilst removing the exhaust I snapped one of the studs. I am now thinking I might as well take the motor out, remove the cylinder head for professional attention and do a proper job on...
  2. Servicing costs?

    My Vara 1000va-5 has almost reached 16000 miles and will be soon due the next service. The local bike shop CMC Motorcycles in Derbyshire are asking €482.97 (£350) to do the job, is this a fair amount for all the work involved bearing in mind it is a major service, or would it be better to look...
  3. For Sale: Clarke 1250 gas space heater for sale.

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is not XRV related but I have a nearly new Clarke 1250 gas space heater ... larke-1250 .It will need a gas bottle.It is in as new condition as only used a couple of times.£80 and it can be collected from Oxfordshire or Derbyshire.
  4. First Aid for Bikers Courses

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi there I have been a biker for 30+yrs on and off (excuse the pun!) and also a First Aid Instructor. My company TrainAidInc has been delivering Biker specific First Aid Courses for 3 yrs now and the word is spreading - but I'm gonna give it a plug here if I may ! It's a bit raw to me now as...
  5. Biker First Aid course 18th Oct

    Sorry for the short notice but I now have a date for the first aid course I'm organising over on Sat 18th Oct 09:30 - 12:30 £10 each Duffield fire station Derby Road Duffield Derbyshire DE56 4FQ if anyone would like to attend please let me know
  6. Christmas meet

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Christmas meet @ Jelly's We are having the meet on this date as to fit round Frads commitments. No need to come on bikes if you don't want, its just an over night meet 30 Nov 2013 AKA Yonderman Cafe at the junction of B6465 and A623 Wardlow Mires. Camping in the field opposite, breakfast...
  7. New to forum, not new to hondas or off road

    Hi, huuluuu and eyup (Derbyshire born n bred)49 years young and a serial biker, Hondas owned in the past in order of appearance CB1000 (balistic sofa), Dominator, VFR 750, CB900 Hornet, CR250, CRF250X - afraid some others thrown in along the way but non Hondas so Ill spare you.As you see love...
  8. Peak District off road

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a ride out the other day, very wet but still a good time. These trails were like rivers at times. Transalp behaved very well, first time I've tried it it such conditions, bottomed out a good few times - maybe need tpo look at better sump guard if I'm going do it more often. This was trial...
  9. What was this all about?

    Van driver attacked motorcyclist in Derbyshire. To quote - "Police are investigating after the driver of a white van tried to force a motorcyclist off the road in Derbyshire. Detectives said the van's passenger also tried to hit the rider with a piece of wood." Wonder what the...
  10. Christmas Meet 2012

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Christmas meet @ Jelly's 23,24 & 25 Nov 2012 AKA Yonderman Cafe at the junction of B6465 and A623 Wardlow Mires. Camping in the field opposite. Breakfast in the Cafe & ride out on the Saturday. A few beers in The Three Stags Heads Three Stags' Heads, Wardlow Mires, Derbyshire For those...
  11. National Meet 2013

    National Meets
    After the success of the National in Norfolk, let's sort out next year's venue. We don't want another long, drawn-out argument over where in the country it should be. We have been all over now so let's settle for somewhere central UK. As we have already been to Dent and Rosedale we initially...
  12. For Sale: Camo gortex trousers for big man!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to a rather stupid last minute panic about not having waterproof trousers to ride to Derbyshire in for the Horizons Unlimited meet last month during our summer rainy season..... I have an extremely large pair of goretex army desert camoflage waterproof trousers - I think I could fit in them...
  13. White Peak Half Marathon - Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance

    As some of you know I'm running another half marathon in a couple of weeks and I wanted to try and raise a few £££s for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance again. if anyone would like to make a donation please do so via my Just Giving website
  14. Lunch at Jellies Cafe

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After months of trying to get there, today I succeeded ! I rode over to Jellie's Cafe with BIGW42, & a salubrious time was had by one & all "Hurrah!" Lee & I took a rather whimsical route to Jellies via, Whitegates, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel, Congleton, Wildsboarclough, Buxton, Tideswell...
  15. Sheffield Ski Village Destroyed by Fire

    Heard about this Sunday morning on the radio. :(:mad: Fire wrecks Sheffield Ski Village - Local - Derbyshire Times Reckon me and the kids won't be having that snowboarding lesson on Friday. :rolleyes:
  16. Peak District 'off-road' questionnaire please spare 5 mins

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Many of the Xrv members have enjoyed the peak district's riding and trails. The council have a 5 minute questionnaire about their policy for 'off-road' routes. Please fill it in even if you don't ride there- the questions are the same ones that should be asked for the area you are. We need as...
  17. Burton Derby Area

    Hi Folks was out on sunday near willington derbyshire when towards me came a little convoy. Two TA's (one with very nice tinsle :santa:) followed by something naked with an RT brining up the rear. Any of you chaps involved?
  18. What on Earth?!

    Is it April 1st? Derby student trapped in clothes horse rescued by firefighters. You would have thought that the fire brigade would have much, much better things to do with their time. Bloody students. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live...
  19. Derbyshire Poker Run Sunday October 3rd

    Charity Events
    Looks like this event could do with some publicity to get it off the ground! Log in | Facebook Could be a good day out if it comes off.
  20. In which Lulu picks up speed and Nessie finds an admirer

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    If we’re all sitting comfortably…time for an update on the unlikely (but continuing) adventures of Lulu and Nessie. Given that the sun appeared to be shining in Leicestershire this morning and it being a Saturday (an all-too-rare combination of circumstances), Nessie was promised a ride out...