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  1. Engine / clutch noise Africa Twin 1990.

    Africa Twin
    Funny noise coming from clutch side. Hard to describe noise but someone told me the clutch bearing. Took casing off and the basket and bearing looks and feels fine. I notice the oil pump chain seems very slack. Is this supposed to be like this ? Regards, Tim.
  2. Advanced Riding Demo or Not

    No words to describe this! Manila Worst driver in the world caught on CCTV - YouTube Are there?
  3. engine is "drowning" on full throttle

    I have a new problem now :/ When I twist the throttle quickly, fully (on low rev) the engine is "drowning" (or struggling, dont know how to describe, basicly loses power) instead of rev up immediately as it used too. If I twist the throttle slower everything is fine, no power loss. Is this the...
  4. Restricting a SLR

    Dominator / FMX
    My Son is on a 33hp licence and he is looking at a SLR650. I gather these come with 39 horses in the box as new but I'd imagine after 15 years some of them would have died along the way so it may well be legal as is. However to be on the safe side I'd rather it had a restriction kit fitted...
  5. linkage bearings.

    Dominator / FMX
    just one more tip, I have recently bought all the bearings for the rear linkage, the collars, as honda describe them, I got from Dave silver and the needle bearings were from Marksman bearings, much cheaper then going to Honda. more info on request.Steve.
  6. No words to describe it

    Finally got the Gpz back on the road...well more importantly after a few major ops got myself back on the road... Weathers been crazy (hail/sleet/snow) but wrapped up well, kept an eye out for ice and carefully taken into account my 115BHP. In the end a smiles on my face, and I get to where I...