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  1. Wanted: NX650 Airbox Snorkel

    For Sale / Wanted
    The part number and description are 17253-MAN-600 TUBE,AIR CLEANER CONNECTING Mines got old, hard, and has a crack now. Cant seem to find any online.
  2. Transalp 650. Mudguard bridge (front). Which way round?

    Hello all, Just been doing a bit of work on the front of my bike. This involved moving the mudguard bridge. When I took it off I didn't notice which way round it was. The manual says it has an arrow telling you which way round it goes. Mine was too rusty to read any arrow! Please could someone...
  3. Is this the correct forum for CRF1000L?

    Africa Twin
    Just asking whether this is the correct forum for the new CRF1000L ? This model is not mentioned in the forum description. If not, is a new sub-forum going to appear for the CRF version?
  4. Cockpit frame for sat nav 700 TA

    Evening folks, Does anyone know of a cockpit frame ( for want of a better description ) that will enable mounting the satnav above the clocks behind the screen. Have had a look on t'internet cant seem to find anything for a 700 Alp. Thanks in advance, Lee
  5. Post your Odo reading

    Dominator / FMX
    Just out of curiosity (and because there are some high milers appearing on EBay) please post your ODO readings, with a description of any (if any) engine work needed. Here are mine: FX650 14900 FX650 14300 SLR650 27000 SLR650 17800 - coming up for stem seals I think.
  6. stearing yoke bearings

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys quick question. My front got loose yoke. I decided to change bearings for my rd04. Bought new ones but they aren't ball bearings like in my bike but in description was exactly to fit my bike. Do they really fit?
  7. Wanted: Transalp 600 crash bars, racks, risers & tall screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Transalp 600 crash bars, racks, risers & tall screen Hello all, My first post and wanting something already! Just bought a transalp Xl600V and after a few accessories... Crash Bars Pannier racks Taller front screen If you have any of the above please reply with a photo if available...
  8. For Sale: Transalp400V CDI unit / ECU for sale

    eBay - Transalp
    CDI for Transalp400v ND06 / Transalp600v PD06 for sale. Check other CDI models in the item description. :smile: Derestricted CDI Unit ECU for Honda XL400V Transalp 400V TRANSALP400V 1 Piece | eBay
  9. Air filter cover decal.

    Africa Twin
    On my air filter cover (on top of the tank RD07a) there is a plain bit on the textured black finish that looks like it should have a decal on it of some description,should it have anything on it?
  10. Seperate part when removed sprocket cover

    Africa Twin
    I wondered if anyone knows what the loose part was that I found when removing the plastic front sprocket cover please? It looks a bit like a battery earth metal strap. The cover has the metal part behind to stop the chain eating the casing if it slaps or comes off but whats the seperate small...
  11. Wanted: Want to buy / swap / part-ex

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Speculative post... Im looking for a shaft driven mile muncher. must have excellent mpg. offroad capability irrelevant. Now on this forum, that description will mostly mean beemer, most likely in its many GS flavours. If you're looking to sell something that fits the bill, either a direct...
  12. Regulator/rectifier help ASAP

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, The regulator of my Africa Twin 2003 broke. I read that RR from CBR 600/900 would work.... well, I got an RR from a CBR 954RR, I assumed it was the same, and the item description stated that this RR was really tough and you would never have regulator issues. This regulator has an extra...
  13. XL600V engine oil

    Hi all, I have to change engine oil, found this product: Castrol Power1 4T 10W-40. The description says it has API grade SJ, but the Haynes manual recommends SE, SF, or SG graded oils. I hav no clue, what is the difference :) Is this oil safe to my bike (XL600V '94)? Thanks in advance.
  14. FINALLY, a nice description

    Africa Twin
    I just read through alotta post. Andylandys story of a somewhat crazy rebuild ended with a description of my problem, quote: "2) It is not a happy bunny when running at speed (eg 80+) - I can feel it stuttering slightly, and it tends to have a brief hesitation when you crack open the throttle to...
  15. An honest E-Bay description

    Made me smile :D Not bike related but amusing anyway ...