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  1. Wheels Africa twin "MARATHON"

    Africa Twin
    Hello, Forgive me for my approximate English is that of GOOGLE translation ^^. I am selling this pair of wheels from 650 africa twin MARARTHON. These are real reinforced wheels (the rim is bigger at the spoke nuts and the spokes are bigger too). These rims come from my MARATHON who will go to a...
  2. Article about 1980s Desert Bikes

  3. Video - Ride throughout Morocco with a Honda XL 600 R Paris Dakar, alone - July 2016

    Hello XL owners, I found the forum wondering around in internet. I introduce myself, I’m Kikko, I’m Italian, I live in Turin and for more than 25 years I own a 1985 Honda XL 600 R Paris Dakar. This winter, together with a friend, I restored the bike completely. Since that this...
  4. Found at Beaulieu- Honda C200

    Other Honda
    Went to the Netley and Beaulieu jumbles this weekend and came back with this- A Honda 1965 C200 Touring (90cc ohv), able to bring it home inside the car! Looks as though a previous owner had some tins of desert camouflage paint- a Suez crisis dispatch rider bike? Seems mostly there or in the...
  5. True Adventure poster

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks In this weeks MCN their is a art deco type poster of the new & old africa twins in a desert. It says free to download, has anyone had any luck. Or am I being particaly blonde & cant find it anywhere Trev
  6. For Sale: As new - TCX Dessert Boots Size 9 (43)

    For Sale / Wanted
    TCX X Dessert Boots- Full Gore Tex size 43 (UK size 9) As new condition - £95.00 ono. (cost over £200 new) Reviews on this boot can be found on PM me for contact details Thanks :-) Thanssmile emoticon
  7. Influx Magazine

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about the latest edition of Influx Magazine, the motoring mag put together by us here at Bikesure. Last month we headed down to Pendine Sands to look at the UK vintage hot rod scene, whilst this month we jetted off to California to speak to our...
  8. dakar desert challenge

    Dakar desert challenge-hi, has anybody been on this.check out the web sight, it looks pretty good and not that expensive to take part.:cool:
  9. Big BIG surprise ride out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    i got a phone call monday lunchtime from the wife saying i had to come home. came home. the mayor of our village said i wasnt needed for the rest of the week on the work i was doing for our village. i thought i got the heave ho. 7pm a rumble of bikes comes past the road and comes up to my house...
  10. XR600RF rear spring/shocker info

    Hi, Does anyone know where to source a 11.5kg/mm rear spring for a XR600RF (RG/RH the same) spring dimensions are 240mm x OD 82mm x ID 56mm In fact if anyone can recommend anything in the way of any upgrade tips or parts suppliers even second hand bits for the 600RF rear shocker it would be...
  11. help need ideas

    Hi guys - I have the following extra parts for my TA xl650v. 1. hand guards 2. mirrors 3. sumpguard 4. factory screen all of the above appear used and have till now been replaced by newer/after market items. However I have been toying with the idea of using/recycling them to customize the...
  12. "Air Glide Plate" (fits under steering stem...)

    Africa Twin
    My bike didn't come with one, I saw it on the BPH fiche when looking and I wondered if it's cosmetic / only needed for riding thru the desert / vital for engine cooling... or a mix of those ;) 15-odd quid from Ling's - worth it, or not? Part 5 on the fiche: STEERING STEM - AFRICA TWIN 750...
  13. Dominator frame hoop for tracker project

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All, Im currently in the process of building a desert sled inspired NX650 and have been trying to source a rear frame hoop. My first question is does anyone know anywhere that can produce such a thing for a reasonable price as a one off? And my second question is, I can get some made up...
  14. Transalp 700 - Rear Brake Pedal Adjustment

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Folks A bit of advice sought and at the same time provide some feedback on a new farkle. I recently purchased the following SW Motech footpegs for my TA. they are, in usual German fashion, well made and fit perfectly, taking a few minutes to fit. They have 2 height settings - original and...
  15. Porto - DAKAR - Porto

    Africa Twin
    Hello there guys! So this is my big adventure for the end of this year, a 11.000 km expedition from Porto, in Portugal, to Dakar, and back. Its also part of the Dakar Desert Challenge: Taken from the organization site, here is a brief explanation about the journey: "The Dakar Desert...
  16. Norway's Arctic Highway September 21st 2013.

    For those of you who know me from other forums, each year I am allowed a couple of weeks to have an adventure. I combine my passion for two wheeled travel with fund-raising for our orphanage in Tamil-Nadu, India. Last year I rode south through Morocco to the Sahara desert and my first book a...
  17. Kitchen utensils which can also be employed in the garage

    In a quest for efficiency in financial outlay and tool storage in my household there has always been potential for developing a range of multi-purpose tools suitable for the kitchen and garage. Previous success stories include the turkey baster/brake fluid extractor, and the controversial...
  18. For Sale: Motad Desert Bars RD04 RD07 RDo7a for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    From Chris UK (Blighty) Wants to give XRVers the option Africa Twin Crash/ Engine Bars
  19. @ T Sticky clutch

    Africa Twin
    Hey peeps, I have an XRV RD03 1989. About 1000miles after buying the bike I noticed that the clutch was starting to cause problems, these issues were more obvious in hot weather when the bike was hot, With the clutch leaver pulled fully in the bike wants to pull forward a little and when...