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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm in he process of developing a gear position indicator. Yes there are a few designs out there using PIC micro-controllers, source code, and all sorts of wizardry, and I'll be following the same path, BUT, I'll also develop one that does the same job, using simple digital gates without...
  2. Helmets
    How do I find out what colours and designs the X4 are available in, in the UK? The images on the Arai website don't seem to match up with the online stores in the UK, which are different again on the Continental online stores. I want grey, but can't seem to find it. Grrr. Iain
  3. Tools
    I see there are two basic designs. Scissor type where the table rises vertically or ones where the table moves backwards as it goes up. Anybody got any idea if one type is inherently more stable than the other or is it simply down to the size of the base on the garage floor?
  4. Africa Twin
    My rear disc is worn and liooking to replace for impending MOT. EBC do one at £42 but if the reputation is anything like the pads I might overlook it, and our friend hollismx have a convincing blurb about the quality of their materials and designs for a mere £30 Im severely tempted... except Im...
  5. XR
    Hi all ok..... I want to go down the HID lighting on my XR650R. Has anybody fitted one if there kits? If so what do I need? There seems to be dif variations? An additional charging plug also needed. thanks:thumbup:
  6. Africa Twin
    Having found this company in Oxted wich can do bike seats i played around (with the help of my 13 year old daughter jamie-lee, wich knows much better how to use paint than i do) with a few designs for my black @ I know the second and third one will seem a bit strange to you but since our...