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  1. Everlys - favourites?

    RIP Phil. Love those beautiful harmonies. What is your favourite? So many to choose from, but I've always loved this outsider
  2. Computer Help Please.....

    Two questions really.:confused: 1: My old Dell dimension 5150 XP machine has about had it and will be replaced by a Laptop says the household. It won't be being carried around much so doesn't need to be that portable... Large laptop or all in one? Advice please. 2: For my own personal use I's...
  3. New rd03 fan :-)

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everybody, Although i've been trawling through the site for some time now this is my first post as I thought it would be a bit weird posting on a bike forum without owning a bike!!! That has however all changed now as with the aid of everybody's knowledge on this site along with a LOT of...
  4. and you thought i was a off road plonker......

    Well then have a look at this guy :toothy10: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself Might be related to J :toothy1:
  5. Bleedin git!!!!!!!

    Some fekker swiped my mirror off me car this morning and never bothered stopping, thats nice of them. Got it on CCTV but never gonna get reg number as it's the wrong angle. Here is the clip i have downloaded, had to do a capture of the desktop as it plays as it's a funny format. You could have...
  6. I really hate laptops. IT experts: help me....

    I recently tried to format a portable hard drive for camera cards. I failed. Instead the computer slowed down and I eventually had to reboot only to find the following, in MS-DOS script, on a black background, instead of my nice windows desktop: q╝[:¼“ ┗t♂V⊣♬╗ ...or there abouts. Press...
  7. Caption Contest

    Poor Russ (DC), he only wanted to rest his eyes but waited till we got out of Applecross in the middle of nowhere at 6 o'clock 3hours away from Ullapool.
  8. Nice Picture for today

    A nice picture captured today, made into a Desktop Wallpaper. If anyone want to use it, no problem.. here cheers :thumbright:
  9. RD03 Brake Pads.. just making sure

    Africa Twin
    Looks like its time for me to replace the brake pads on my 89 RD03. I believe that they are the same pads as a Dominator, but I wanted to make sure before I buy anything. The ones I am specifically looking at are...
  10. Tripmaster/tripmeter front cover

    Africa Twin
    Did any of you also have a scratched/weathered front cover on your tripmaster/trip meter? I could not read anything anymore after 100,000km.. I replaced mine yesterday with a second hand piece of perspex (but sadly didn't have a camera while doing this, only took pictures now). I had thought...
  11. Computer stuff

    Evening everyone, This has nothing to do with bikes but I was wondering if anyone has any computer knowledge that can give advice? My Dad has an HP Pavilion desktop, about 3 years old, the symptoms are: When he shuts down in the normal way, a relay clicks and the cabinet fan comes on full...
  12. Stuff 4 Sale. Non- Motorbike.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Alllo, Having cash shortfall so selling the following. :( 1) Sony MHC-RG290 Mini Hifi, 3 CD Changer with MP3 Playback FM tuner Twin Cassette (very modern) :blob2: 2 x 90Watt RMS Remote Control Various Equilizers, Rock Pop ect... and Groove. Only 6 Month's old, Perfect Working Order. Pic:-...
  13. computer

    I need a new PC for my daughter. She has a screen etc so it is a basic desktop jobby, capable of taking all the games etc. I'd rather it had wireless built in, to save cabling. Probably need 2gig of Ram. Anyone know any good deals?
  14. Kaoko - A journey, not destination!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Map FortyZA (Eddie), his brother Richard, Krazy-eyes and me. It was big fun and a group of people that made the trip enjoyable. Thanks to everyone and the smiles that never faded (maybe once, on oom Willie se pad) :lol: Can you spot the Fairy? Krazy at the Nam border At Zelda's...
  15. Lost in space

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was bored one night so did this... If you want it as a desktop I have it at massive res..
  16. P*ssed off

    update Hi guys, thanks for all the replys and help, still got the bloody thing,m hiden somewhere, My antivirus software ran out at the end of march and I got this virus the same day, i was using Trend Mirco security, now on Spy bot and AVG, AVG says it clean but I still get the (about blank )...