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  1. DESPARATE,Exhaust stud depth

    Dominator / FMX
    i have tried all the options suggested to me in my last post on 'removeing exhaust studs'and they did'nt move a ****ty bit.i have got my grinder on the go and got them flush with the cylinder head.i centre punched the first and went from 2mm upto 6mm in .5mm increments.the new exhaust studs look...
  2. Expensive times ahead !

    Africa Twin
    Going through the bike getting him ready for this years fun. Needs the following: New headrace bearings set New brake discs (just checked them and down to 3mm -- s/be 3.5mm minimum) Tax MOT Not quite so desparate but will like to do these also : Front and rear wheel bearings set replace...
  3. oh bugger - whats me AT worth!?

    Africa Twin
    Had a tad bit of crap news - nothing desparate but the AT might have to go (as soon as I have got it) as my KTM ain't selling and I need to raise some cash fairly quickly. What would I get for it? 1992 K plate 41k miles with 1yr tax + 2 months MOT, spare wheels, spare discs and a few bits. In...
  4. correct chain length, will this fit?

    Hi I ordered what I thought was an indentical chain to my previous DID gold (I even kept the original box!) however I have counted the links and old one has 59 each side and the new only 56 - therefore 118 compared to 112? Now I know what the reference on the box is for!! I have a 2003 TA...
  5. Friday 6th July Essex/London

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'll be back from my hol and ready to show off my sunburn, and be desparate to take Goliath out for a spin (as long as its not Pi##ing down). Any of you guys want to meet up at Rykas or somewhere ? I know some of you guys will be off on other travels, so i'll catch you another time. Ant.