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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    TCX X Dessert Boots- Full Gore Tex size 43 (UK size 9) As new condition - £95.00 ono. (cost over £200 new) Reviews on this boot can be found on PM me for contact details Thanks :-) Thanssmile emoticon
  2. Tools
    In a quest for efficiency in financial outlay and tool storage in my household there has always been potential for developing a range of multi-purpose tools suitable for the kitchen and garage. Previous success stories include the turkey baster/brake fluid extractor, and the controversial...
  3. BMW
    I thought I just share some impressions from the first longer trip done on my F800GS. Quality: Do not like the plastic handlebar pods. I would prefere to have them in good old aluminium. Finish: So far so good. Sound: It sounds like... a Boxer! BMW have IMHO managed to create quite a good and...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi all, My love for my @ hasnt dwindled and I want to lavish cash on it and get some crashbars. But which ones? I like the RuggedRoad bars, but the Fehling bars seem to cover more fairing, the Dessert bars look cool, SWs look alright..... What have you got and what would you recommend??? Too...
  5. Africa Twin
    I've just read the Swedish Motorcycle magazine Motorrad/Offroad Special edition, april-june 2012 A German Guy by the name of Harry Spielvogel have had the engine from his 1988 RD03 dismantled. Nothing exciting about that, but the engine done long gruelsome miles...
  6. Chatter
    The Munchy Box! Read and weep..... :) And for dessert, deep fried Mars bar?:blob:
  7. Chatter
    Hey peeps , been a while since i last popped on. Been away to sunny side of dessert live for a short trip for work. Got back last night and as today is a bright sunny day i thought why not take the old AT out for a ride. Had the visor open as you do so the cool breaze can give me that soft kiss...
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Part 1 of this report is here MY DAKAR RALLY ADVENTURE WAS SCUPPERED BY TERRORISTS BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE. Hill parking and getting a bump in the morning from Duncan Marakesh square at sunset. Night falls on the...
  9. Chatter
    well nearly.:D Still space for a dessert:D:D and than i will not get up from the couch again:D:D ever again:D
  10. Chatter
    So what are you eating today?? The Traditional Turkey or something different? Since we don't do turkey in Germany we having it in my house every year,absolutely love it.The best is the turkey sandwiches next day:D:D and what do you do for dessert?? we are not very "sweety" people so i made...
  11. Other Bikes
    I am bound to be flamed to death, but i am going to say it anyway. I had a go on a brand new BMW GS1200 Adventurer yesterday, i had the bike for 3 hours and i can honestly say that i have never been so happy in my life to hand the keys back !!!! i thought it was a total piece of S*$T It is way...
  12. Africa Twin
    I'm going in Tunisia in spring and I'm going to drive in the dessert a little bit. Does anyone of you know if the original air filter is good enough for the desert sand or should I replace it with another one? Thanks for your answers.
1-12 of 20 Results