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  1. Advice on wiring heated grips to ignition circuit

    Africa Twin
    I have just bought some Oxford heated grips and need some advice on the BEST way to wire them into so they are turned on/off by the ignition - 2001 AT. On my other bike it has a 'spare' wire for an auxiliary device. Does the AT have this? All advice welcome please. Thanks Phil
  2. What the puck?

    Dominator / FMX
    I finally found a rack to mount my ammo boxes onto my Dommie, does anyone have pictures of quick release mounting device so I can get my bike ready for my first trip abroad this year?:thumbup: I recall seeing something about using hockey pucks somewhere in here.
  3. One for the geeks

    Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth adaptor that can plug into a monitor? I have a Samsung Note 3 with which I use a Bluetooth keyboard. The screen is for a phone but I have a large screen on my desk which I would like to use to view what I'm typing. Can I, without having to go via a...
  4. Speed Traps in Oxfordshire

    Anyone riding in Oxfordshire needs to be very switched on for Speed Cameras. I've seen 4 this week. The one I saw today was hidden up a lane and had the device mounted on a tripod looking down a straight stretch of 50MPH. Devious bastwards. They must have a purge on. Never seen one in the place...
  5. Has anyone tried these fuses? Quite clever ...

    Africa Twin
  6. Kindle... Any good?

    Something like this. Kindle e-Reader with Wi-Fi, 6" Display I seen it advertised the other day and thought that it may be a good xmas prezzy for my mother as she likes to read books in bed. Just thought someone on here might have some real experience of using one (or similar device) and could...
  7. Garage security

    Product Reviews
    Hi guys looking to improve my garage security have up and over door, have door from house to get in without using main door anyone tried garage defender device goes on outside and stops you lifting door, These are visible which is good as deterant :thumbright:
  8. New device

    My new bike's arrived at Chateau MoM and having a quiet play, as you do :rolleyes:, I found a strange device on it. I checked in the manual and I believe it's called, wait for it, a fuel tap :o WOW what will they think of next :cool: