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  1. Wet Weeekend but...

    Africa Twin
    ...still enjoyed it..saturday through the woods in Skåne to the east coast and up and back sunday. Always good to have the right gear on, made a change to get home dry :thumbup:
  2. Elextrical pulsing

    Africa Twin
    I have pulsing from something within the rebuild electrical system on a rebuild project. It is affecting the Starcom as well as making the lights come on intermittently. Any ideas? light - YouTube
  3. Fitted a recovered saddle to my RD04.

    Africa Twin
    Well lads, I got the Spair saddle lam gave me recovered for my RD04. Delight with how it turned out. :mrgreen:
  4. Above Blessington lakes.

    Africa Twin
    Above Blessington.
  5. Cheap'ish ally top box from £35

    Bodgers Corner
    Been bodging again and decided to get a ally top box. Found this transport case on e-bay and thought i'd give it a go : Its only .8mm thick...
  6. Longest Day Participants Pack

    The Longest Day
    Ok ladies and gents, apologies everything's gone a bit quiet on this lately but its been a busy time and there's been lots to do! The participants pack is taking shape. You'll get a selection of stickers including 1x Large Rally Plate Style sticker for your screen personalised with your...
  7. road charging schemes

    I saw this in yesterdays telegraph motoring section. thought you should all see it, love the last sentance. Another nail in the idea of freedom to travel comes this week with the news that two pilot-road charging schemes will include motorcycles and scooters, writes Andrew English The...
  8. Quick jaunt to Devon

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Set off on Saturday morning for a quick jaunt to Devon and a nights camping. We loaded the bikes up as best we could to check out our load carrying and kit in preparation for the Stella. Despite riding through several prolonged and heavy downpours, the sun was shining as we rode around the...
  9. Road rage

    This morning some arrogant fool undertook me whilst I was nearly starting to pass a truck and then forced me to brake hard because he swung into the lane I was in. If I hadn't, then he would have hit the nose of my car. Did he think he was clever? Did he think that putting his own life at risk...
  10. What happened to the "Buy your Haynes Manuals here&quot

    It's gone. :shock: I knew I had seen it somewhere, but it took a]search of Google's archive[/url] to find it! Did it jump, or was it pushed?
  11. its my party and i`ll cry if i want too : )

    dam i miss my AT but i have other toyz now! anyway another week another party, when are you guys gonna come visit? im 45 mins from the north georgia mountains i know it aint the alps but its the best the yanks can do :lol: nothin got broken, nobody woz sick anywhere, the cops didnt show up...
  12. Colour Codes

    Africa Twin
    Just found this on As this keeps coming up maybe this could be made a sticky? I can't vouch for its accuracy or completeness, but it should be a good guide for the majority of colour codes Code No. Description A-03 Silver (Labels) A-07 Specified...
  13. SW-Motech Quick Lock Frames and Panniers

    Africa Twin
    I took a gamble and ordered these. Look like top kit now I've fitted it. Nice and firm (!) only had to grind a little bit out of the right side to fit round my quite high Remus exhaust. Frames literally attach and come off in a minute, and as you can see, whats left hardly alters the looks...
  14. RD04 fuel tank questions

    Africa Twin
    Hello Folks, I posted this on the TA side, but only got one reply... I thought it might be best to post it here. I mean, it's a damn @ tank and all :cheers: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Yen (very wise), do you have a photo of that Africa Queens fuel pump...