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  1. One week Norway Trip June 2016 route advice request/guidance

    In June this year I am finally going on a solo motorcycle trip to Norway now I am all sorted as far as the bike, kit and luggage preparation but I have never been to any of the Scandinavian countries yet using any form of transport. I am planning on camping during the trip to keep the costs...
  2. The DFDS ferry line between Great Britain and Denmark comes to an end.

    The DFDS Ferry line Esbjerg - Harwich will close down the 29'th of september this year. Transportation of freights will be diverted to the line Esbjerg - Immingham. Transportation of passengers between Denmark and the UK will be closed down, due to lack of passengers and the competition from low...
  3. Eurotunnel prices....

    I've always really rated Eurotunnel for their prices, service and speed of service. I used them probably 15 - 20 times so far and recently I dont even bother checking ferry prices or availability.... However, really dissapointed with them today. I checked their prices about a month ago and was...

    Just a word of warning as I don't know if this has made the UK news yet, but don't book with Seafrance for the moment, they're in recievership. As a subsiduary (filial) of SNCF they were gouvernement subsidised ( a probably overstaffed & inefficient), Bruxelles central (european comission)...
  5. Our Stella Alpina trip 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, just thought I'd share our Stella trip. Fiona and myself left Morayshire on Sunday 03/07/11 at dawn for Newcastle to catch the ferry to Ijmiuden, Holland to meet Hudders on Monday morning. The beauty of the DFDS ferry is you get the evening to relax and a good night's sleep before...
  6. ferries to norway

    whats happend to all the ferries to norway was hoping to go over to the troll rally next year near oslo but at the moment the only way over is from harwich which from sw scotland is about 440 miles away . used to go newcastle / bergan with dfds ferries but this route is now stoped whats going on
  7. Norway no more.

    :cool: For those who may have an interest I had a letter today from DFDS seaways informing me that from 1st September 2008 they will no longer operate a direct sailing to NORWAY from Newcastle this being for commercial reasons. There is still a route from Harwich to Denmark then by road to...
  8. Advice on Norway

    Great Roads/Routes
    Anyone wanna try something new, what abt. a trip to Norway ? The trip described is starting in Kristiansand, but of course you may opt to start in Stavanger or bergen, and then take this trip as a roundtrip back to those cities (if ferry from Newcastle ..) First of All. Norway has weather and...