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  1. I think my rec/reg is knackered.

    Africa Twin
    Thought it was simply a dead battery last week - and it was, as tested and the fact that it boiled way when the bike ran - fitted new battery but charge over terminals when bike running was 13.4v - not enough to charge battery - took it out for a long ride tonight and lo and behold, boiling hot...
  2. A popping we will go a popping we will go .....

    Africa Twin
    Ok got your attention or not perhaps. I am on route to the Austrian Alps and my exhaust has been popping and banging on the over run since leaving Wales. Ok I know all the things to do - I am pretty handy with all that stuff but want to check out a couple of things - now no disrespect but only...
  3. XL700 Fault Diagnostics

    I am considering a XL700 for an extended tour and would like to know how complex it is. Does it have any onboard Diagnostics ? If not does the service manual give any information on checking individual components ? Do throttle bodies need balancing ? e.x The Yam XT range will display status of...
  4. For Sale: new hagon rear shock 97 transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    New boxed (slight paint pealing)Hagon rear shock for 1997 transalp 600 brought on the ebay by mistake to fit 98 transalp Hagon have checked it over for me and confirm it is new and for a 97 will sell for £85 + pp of £17 (parcelforce 48 hour) Or swap for a 98 used hagon suitable for reasonable...
  5. The ultimate guide to spark plugs

    Mechanical Advice
    While chatting on an Aprilia RS125 forum about fixing my son's bike the question of spark plugs soon came up. A helpful member posted the following guide to plugs. Probably the most comprehensive and most helpful guide to plugs I have ever read...... perhaps a sticky?
  6. My VFR is running rich

    Mechanical Advice
    Has anyone here any experience of having a bike's fuelling set up just right on a dyno? Any idea of a rough price? I have had the carbs off and done the float heights but TBH I could spend the rest of my life trying things, it needs some one who does it day in day out. If I knew what the...
  7. Truimph servicing in cornwall

    If there are any Cornish Triumph owners using this forum don't bother with GT Motorcycles for servicing and diagnostic repairs. For the last 3 years(ish) a chap called Jim Crocker has been working from home on the Camborne - Hayle Road, He lives at Roseworth just as you get to the lay by on...
  8. ECU Reset

    Mechanical Advice
    Although the Honda mechanics agrees with me that my 05 Fi Varadero is running a bit rich, he said there is no way he can reset the ECU. He can put it on diagnostic but that's just telling the current state of the bike. Can I reset the ECU myself?
  9. looking for a broken @ tripmeter

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone help? I am adding details of my attempts to fault find and fix the tripmeter on my XRV750Y into the Wiki section of this site. However, now that the weather is getting better I need the bike complete for that 'spur of the moment' ride and most functions still work on the meter...
  10. Transamtrail

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi, After finishing the Blue Ridge Parkway, and spending a bit of time in and around the Smoky Mountains, I made my way across to meet PaulR at Jellico, to start the Transamtrail - an 'Off pavement' trail from NE Tennessee, to the Pacific coast in Oreagon: We set...