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  1. RD08 Dommie & M-unit wiring

    Dominator / FMX
    Im just about to start wiring my dommie project. I have created a wiring diagram, and was hoping someone could give it a quick look over and give me feedback on any mistakes. Also thought it may be handy for other people to use, (if its correct)
  2. Headstock Reassembly XRV750 RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Fellow XRV enthusiasts. Most of you are probably on your bike today as glorious weather but hopefully someone around to ask:) Replaced Headstock bearings on my RD04 (AT) and failed to make sufficient notes for reassembly. If anyone has a reassembly diagram then grateful, if not then good...
  3. Motogadget M-unit

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone ever fitted a M-unit to their NX650 If so, do you have a wiring diagram
  4. CDI connectors.

    Africa Twin
    I am ordering some connectors to renew and modify parts of the wiring loom on my 1988 RD03, but I can not seem to find connectors for the CDI. Does anyone have a reasonably priced lead on these? Also, I am at work in Scotland right now, so I can't look at the wires for my self, but from the...
  5. RD 07 CDI Unit Cushion - Rubber mounting bracket

    Africa Twin
    Hello People, A mouse some how got into the left side fairing area and chewed up the entire CDI rubber mounting bracket and a few wires...beyond use now. I am trying to source this rubber bracket. Honda refers to it as - CUSHION CDI UNIT Product number: 30401MY1631 Item no: 1 shown in the...
  6. Wiring Diagram for RD08.

    Dominator / FMX
    Losing the will to live trying to find a relevant manual or wiring diagram for an RD08, problem I have is the neutral light comes on when holding the clutch in and goes out when released, and when using gearbox, neutral light comes on when changing gear up or down when dipping the clutch...
  7. 83 XL 125 help

    Hello My son has just bought an 85 XL 125 Whilst dooing the deal the seller said I have another 1983 XL 125 in bits in the shed, so I bought it as I wanted one 30 years ago. I now need help as the rear suspension is seized and been cut out! Looking for a parts diagram for it but cant find one as...
  8. Hello from Liverpool

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello My son has just bought an 85 XL 125 Whilst dooing the deal the seller said I have another 1983 XL in bits in the shed, so I bought it as I wanted one 30 years ago. I now need help as the rear suspension is seized and been cut out! Looking for a parts diagram for it but cant find one as...
  9. Good quality image file of NX650 wiring Diagram

    Dominator / FMX
    NX650 Dominator Wiring Diagram - High Quality Scan I made a high quality scan of the NX650 wiring diagram. You can download it from the following link:
  10. looking for some technical advice

    Howdie all My bike has been standing for a while. Ive been slowly fixing the bits that needed doing. Its never had an issue starting. But the old battery stopped holding a charge. Ive recently changed the battery; When I put the new battery in the bike started no problem After 3 weeks now I've...
  11. Honda xr 125 wiring

    XR Technical Specs
    Hi, I have been given a xr 125 field bike no engine number frame number etc. The bike is a basket case and i am slowly getting it back together the engine is electric start not kick start could somebody point me in the direction of a suitable wiring diagram for this bike please. Worth...
  12. 250s electrics

    Hi folks, I'm trying to sort the electrics out on my recently acquired 79 plate 250s, mainly the lights and switches. On opening up the right hand switch most of it fell out onto the floor and then when opening up the headlight it was just as bad with so mutch black tape and spliced in...
  13. XRV 650 RD03 Gearbox

    Africa Twin
    Hello Friends! Am lost in my africas gearbox.. maybe somebody have a photo or diagram how the forks of gearbox should be fited?
  14. XR 250 Exhuast...quieter!

    Hi guys, a query on my not long owned XR250. I had noticed that my exhaust is somewhat louder than I would like, so I thought I would repack it. So out with the bolts and off with the end and to my surprise I find just a short length of wire gauze, approx. 4 inches long and nothing else until...
  15. 6v ac lighting question xl500s

    So my 81 xl500 has 6v AC direct unregulated lighting. Am I correct in thinking Ineed all the correct wattage bulbs to effectively provide some kind of regulation? With just the headlight bulb and tail light the tail glows really bright and soon fails. I see in the wiring diagram there is another...
  16. What do these do?

    Africa Twin
    Most of Henrietta is now back where it should be and looking tidy. Under the tank is just the fuel pipe to the pump but the parts diagram seems to show other hoses (parts 45, 46 & 48). there seem to be 2 short pipes under the tank (nr the fuel tap), one is 10.5mm and the other 5.5mm. Does anyone...
  17. Transalp 650 Clock not working

    Hi I'm new to this site and was hoping someone may have a wiring diagram for the transalp. My clock stopped working and I haven't found that it was a common problem. Any help appreciated :(
  18. wiring digram

    Africa Twin
    Hello AT riders and happy new year, my quest is; does anyone got the wiring diagram for the XRV750 1998 RD07a. I totaly rebuilt the bike and I've got some issues now and only a proper wiring diagram can solve my problems. If someone has it please attach it before 16/01/2016 because I will leave...
  19. Replaced reg rec. extra wire?.?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello again.. Cleaning up a second Dommie, and discovered that the reg rec was not working. (Confirmed by swapping out the reg rec from my daily ride) Ordered a new one (aftermarket), and when it came to put it in, noticed an extra wire coming out of the reg rec - black.. The original reg...
  20. Dominator wiring diagram

    Dominator / FMX
    Is this XR650 wiring diagram the same as the RD02 Dominator. The guy who is doing my wiring up says he needs one in colour so he can see what goes where. Sorry for still bugging you about electrics :thumbup: