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  1. Loss of power over 6000 rpm

    Mechanical Advice
    I am faced by an issue where my XRV 750 RD07 is losing power when it reaches 6000rpm. It seems to be a fuel deprivation. Fuel tank has been checked for any impurities. Carburators have been cleaned and 1 diaphragm changed. No coil wires. Any suggestions please?
  2. Chugging Still

    Dominator / FMX
    Woe is me:( Fed up now, been doing allsorts to the bike including carb and still chugging, erratic running, weak spark and seemingly rich mixture Carb off, intense inspection, clean, change some bits, jets, diaphragm etc Currently on 155 main, 55 slow, small washer under needle New Pulse...
  3. 600 carb diaphragm part number does anyone know the honda part number?

    I need some, and have found a cheep source. But need the original part number. does anyone know it?. I have searched online but with no luck.
  4. Dominator RD 08 Air cut off valve - -- - WHERE TO BUY?

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm on the look out for a air cut off diaphragm for my 1998. rd 08 Anybody know where to find one exept the Does anybody know does it fit from any other Honda bike?? Thanks :thumbleft::thumbleft:
  5. FX650 Air Cutoff Valve

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone managed to find a source for the diaphragm in the air cut off valve (just above throttle cable on right of carb) I have a slightly damaged one and baulking at the £110 Honda want for one Part #9 on Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda...
  6. How to remove carb needle from holder?

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have an rd7a (2003) and im in the process of a carb overhaul. Can't get the friggen needle out of the needle holder (black slide block that's attached to the diaphragm) The heinz manual say insert a 4mm screw, and then just pull. The screw goes in happy, but the needle holder seems...
  7. Throttle slides & diaphragms

    Africa Twin
    Cheers, next question is slide diaphragms....noticed an ad on EBay for new ones for the RD04, had to be bonded in etc, I have one badly ripped on my RD07, are they available for RD07 or am I looking at whole new slide with built in diaphragm? £85 plus vat...ouch!
  8. 96 nx 650 carb diaphragm

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all i have a carburettor diaphragm has split and honda uk say they are know longer available for the nx650 dominator...not what i wanted to here..any idea where i may locate one or can i fit another carb ...thank you in advance for your help mal.
  9. XL600 fuel tap

    Hello everybody, Tried to start the old girl today but no joy, I must admit she has been standing for a while so was not surprised. I have narrowed it down to the fuel tap as she runs on my back up tap that I have fitted to the tank. I gave the fuel tap a good clean out and everything looks...
  10. More Fuel Tap Help wanted!!

    Africa Twin
    Morning all,My ongoing leaking fuel tap scenario continues! I rang Fowlers motorcycles for a spare diaphragm to fit inside my fuel tap as this is now the only thing it can be. I was told that it is a sealed unit and a new fuel tap at £71 plus vat was my only option!!!Anyone back this up or are...
  11. Drain Fuel TA 650

    Hello, I have taken the fuel tank of to replace the spark plugs and im considering a re-spray, bike has also been stood for a while and I want to drain the fuel. Have taken the tank off but the only way I can see to fully drain the fuel is to remove the petcock / fuel diaphragm. Any other...
  12. Diaphragm problem ...

    Africa Twin
    On my '91 RD04 i got one of the carburtor diaphragms distroyed ... and i don't know how to take out the ring wich is holding it into place to replace it :confused: :( do you have any ideea about this ?