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  1. Stator Out Put

    Africa Twin
    What is the out put of the stock stator. Owners manual has it at 0.36kW at 5000rpm. Haynes has it 360W at 5000rpm. Electrics is like speaking french to me. So any help here? What is the total out put and what the diff between kW. and W.?:confused:
  2. new exhaust

    OK I want to get some new cans on the beast but am not sure which ones would be better. I am not looking for porformance (I know that it will make some diff ) but a better sound from it. So which ones :confused: :confused: :confused: This will be the first time I try any mods on the bike so I...
  3. New to the breed...! (got a few Q`s before taking the plunge)

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I`m new to the forum so treat me gently, you seem like a friendly bunch tho! (unlike some other forums I`ve been on...) Anyway, I`ve always loved the look and idea of the Africa Twin (is @T the shorthand name on here?). I`ve got a KTM exc which is bonkers fun but I`d love something more...
  4. car tech heads help bmw dif

    I know its a bike site blah blah. Anyway got an axle on a trike belived to be off a bmw 3 series question is there is a sensor on the rhs of the diff houseing anyone know what this is? It is wired up with a permanent live for some reason the axle is mated to a p5 rover v8 and auto tranny. Dont...
  5. G'day from Sydney, Oz

    Dominator / FMX
    G'day all Jaq here, in Sydney. Just bought my second NX 650. I was one of the first to have the original 88 model. Had it for 3 years, did about 80,000 kms on it before the piston started slapping away. Should have repaired and kept it. Great bike. But I've got over 300 thou kliks on the old...
  6. Anyone know anything about landrovers?

    Yeah I know its not a bike but seen as though I cant take my missis and kiddie on my xrv been thinking about a 4 by 4 and getting rid of my van :shock: Shame is it has to be a swb so she will drive it in winter I am ok as I have the xrv so question is? Does anyone know if land rover did an...
  7. Paint colours

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Can any one help me out please, I've got a R/W/B RD07a 2002 and need both the Blue and the Red paint. I need the tones i.e. ocean blue or signal red .. I've checked the colours threads but so many diff colours and i don't know which ones ..Thanks in advance :lol:
  8. Links to Manufacturers Service Manuals

    Africa Twin
    A 1988 copy of the Honda Common Service Manual can be found here, and the 1987-2002 Haynes Transalp and Africa Twin service and repair manual is here...
  9. What Tyres

    Africa Twin
    Recently purchased 03 AT.Just 3600m on clock. It has the original T66 front and back but reading through diff sites it seems there are better tyres out there. Bike used mainly on tarmac 90% of time plus a little gravel time. Any suggestions for the ultimate tyre regarding grip longevity price...