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  1. Differance in carbs on the VT 1996 model?

    Hi! I am looking for a rebuild kit for my XL600v 1996.......I have found several kits running 1987-95, but none for my 96. I see that the mains are different, but are there anything else? Can I buy a kit for a 95 and just switch the mains for the 118\120 jets? I have used Sirius before on my...
  2. fork springs

    Thinking of fitting some progressive fork spring to my o8 varadero. has any one done the same & did it make any differance ? Allso what make did you go for , Thanks, Ian:thumbup:
  3. " New Toy " Time to be Seen ......

    Africa Twin
    Right still getting cocks in cars pulling out on me and generally getting the gormless look afterward ... and thats before i take the mirror off or apply size 11 Sidi crossfires down the rear quater :teeth: Side ive brightened things up somewhat front and rear :D So 2 900 lumin spots on the...
  4. Question - How much to raise the rear end

    Africa Twin
    OK, I have figure out what the height differance between new front end and old one is. just by pushing forks through clamps and getting faily rough idea i think the forksa are 1.5 inch longer. So if front is 1.5 taller how much do i raise the rear? Seen as shock is angled and is on a...
  5. Off road tyre Vs Road tyre

    I was wondering while riding home tonight if knobblies make any differance to speed. I mean I was travelling along at 65 on the TA with the revs showing 5k and the Land Rover esque noise of the tyres on the road and wondered if at the same rev would I be going exactly the same speed but just...
  6. TA Chain

    Decided to bung new chain and sprockets on the TA... old chain was ropey and rear sprocket. Went to shop down road and he wanted £114 for a DID X ring....... which seemed fairly pricey to me Found this on e bay and wondered whats the differance?? DID VX X-Ring Chain XL600 TRANSALP HONDA...
  7. shocker mot

    hi my xl125 1985 is due for its mot / ive not had the bike long , but as i am a rether portly character the suspension went down too much so ive put a 10mm spacer under the spring which makes all the differance for me / the spring and damper no where near bottoms out and is working fine / i just...
  8. Help !!!!!!! Part 2 The rebuild

    Africa Twin
    A follow on from. all parts cleaned ,checked and measured and ready for assembly. one question though to the more knowledgeable out there, what is the best sealant or jointing compound should I use when joining the engine caseings or is...
  9. Exhaust rd04 rd07

    Africa Twin
    got a venom can and link pipe which i was informed was for an at but will not fit my rd07 so must be off rd04 any one know what the differance is so i can confirm it is rd04 and sell it correctly thanks
  10. First Impressions of new (to me) TA650 Photos and some questions

    Hi All, Here are some comments on my new purchase a 2007 650 Transalp. I have a few general questions at the bottom if anyone can enlighten me! I got the TA to replace my KLR650 Cmodel which was stolen. Comming straight from the KLR most of my comments are a comparsion against it. Prior to the...
  11. Higher bars

    I didn't want to have to replace the Renthal enduro bend bars that were new when I bought the bike...but I did want them higher. Luckily I had some top clamps from another bike, so, using some longer bolts, they mounted up like this... It's amazing what a differance such a simple modification...
  12. Crankshaft

    Africa Twin
    Its me again asking if there is anybody out there who has a RD04 crank lying around. Also does anyone know if there is any differance between the 1990 and the rest of the 750's crankshafts?
  13. Difference between 950 and 990?

    Everything Orange - KTM
    I'm starting to think about my next bike and an adventure just seems to fill the spot Is there much differance betwwen an 950 and a 990?
  14. Its back

    Picked my beloved GS1150 (Bolts) back from having the clutch changed, what a differance he feels like a new bike. What I Had complete original BMW clutch kit all new seals in the gear box, clutch slave, exhaust heat sheild and loads of free advice on how to look after and prep the bike for off...
  15. my new xr400

    Hi everyone. just got me a xr400 2000 model, for cheap cheap as the guy who previously had it bashed it up a little! its basicly in bits at the moment and i have the task of putting it back together. never done anything like this before so i require a little help on newbie questions if you...
  16. Hagon rear shock

    Hi there I have just replaced the rear shock with a hagon unit on my 2003 Vara. Wow what a differance I had the shock setup for my weight and pillion, I was contemplating trading her in for another adventure type it was only after reading an artical in the bike mag that it identified the rear...
  17. Stator out put?

    Dominator / FMX
    What is the the output of a stock stator on a 650 dominator? I'm told it's the same as the africa twin from these guys at I'm asking because they list both as using the G7 replacement. My next question is what is the true out put of thet staor when one bike my...
  18. Dolly's got a cold

    Dominator / FMX
    Getting a little stutter every now and then (could be days in between)and it seems to be only in a certain rev range. Heavy rain doesn't seem to make any differance to it's arrival or severity. my first guess is a fuel problem, anyone agree?? Just checking in with you guys before I go and...
  19. power commader

    hi every one , hope your not all too cold, done the christmas tor run yesterday from ace cafe , london to hospitals in town, great fun but bl---dy freezing!!! any one ever fitted a power commander to a varadero ? how much differance did it make? what exhaust would you recommend to fit with a...
  20. Air filters question/advice?

    After seeing pigUs Transrat at the national, its time to take mine back to basics too. Most of the cosmetics is easy, but the question is - how much differance will using a couple of foam/mesh "custom bike" filters on top of the carbs, with the whole airbox stuff, pair etc removed/tied off...