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  1. Xlr250 fuel tap help!!

    Heyy all I'm having difficulty finding a fuel tap for my bike not sure what it looks like as has been previously snapped off mine haha I know the hole is 18mm so would I be able to get a universal fuel tap or does is have to be specific? Thanks Sean
  2. AT Speedometer removal

    Africa Twin
    As part of a rebuild I have invested in digital instruments, the one difficulty I am looking for a solution for is how to blank off the hub end of the speedo cable once I have removed it. Don't want to just leave it open to the elements.
  3. xl600 exhaust

    hi i am an interloper from the Dommie site Been having real difficulty sourcing end cans for my Dommie (greenlaner for the summer) have bought a xl600 downpipes that seem to fit quite ok Does anyone know of a breakers in there area who has an xl600 silencer end can or maybe has one hanging...
  4. Difficulty getting into neutral

    Africa Twin
    I'm currently having difficulty getting my 98 RD07 into neutral when the engine is running, takes 5 - 10 attempts. Also it is a wee bit clunky when it does get into gear. Now I know that it's not the smoothest of bikes but this doesn't feel right. I've had a look for a thread on this and...
  5. Difficulty starting.

    Hi All, any ideas what might be wrong with my 2001 TA. mileage is 16,000. It starts first time when cold, (using the choke) runs absolutely fine never misses a beat:thumbright:. But the last couple of days it's been very difficult to start when it's warm and has been left for about 5...
  6. Difficulty selecting neutral

    Africa Twin
    Whilst I've been tinkering with Annettes new @ I've noticed that with the engine running you cannot select neutral unless you put the revs upto around 2500rpm. Absolutely impossible when on tickover........ It has a brand new clutch cable which I think has been adjusted correctly - but it...