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  1. Other Honda
    Hello! I would be glad if the forum could assist to decode an 11 digit VIN : AD016110263 This was located on the steering head of the motorcycle.
  2. eBay - Africa Twin
    Could be of use to someone.It's not mine by the way. Honda XRV 750 Digital Trip Computer 2001 | eBay :thumbup:
  3. Transalp
    I'm in the process of digitising some old VHS video tapes, with UK TV coverage of 1997-2001 Paris Dakar rallys. I have uploaded some of them, and more will be added over the next few weeks. See here:
  4. Africa Twin
    I have a 1998 XRV Africa twin. My problem is that the clock needs resetting every time I switch the ignition off. Any solutions.
  5. Africa Twin
    I finally got around to digitalize this's kind of time traveling.... Enjoy....
  6. XR
    Does anybody know how to reset the digital speedo on a xr 250 (2001) from kph to mph the bike is an import I've had a look on other threads on different bikes on here but none seem to work
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi, Does any one know the E Mail address of the guy who goes by the name of Dr Bean in Holland who makes the digital replacement kit for the africa twin/KTM 950 fuel pump points. Cheers Ray
  8. Africa Twin
    I'm going to fit a small digital voltmeter to the A/T and am going to mount it above the Tripmaster,where do you think it would be best to pick up a safe switched 12v supply from local to that area?
  9. Africa Twin
    Has anyone use these CDIs? Digital CDI-Pair "Dual Line" for Honda Transalp, 259,00 € :?:
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm in he process of developing a gear position indicator. Yes there are a few designs out there using PIC micro-controllers, source code, and all sorts of wizardry, and I'll be following the same path, BUT, I'll also develop one that does the same job, using simple digital gates without...
  11. Africa Twin
    As part of a rebuild I have invested in digital instruments, the one difficulty I am looking for a solution for is how to blank off the hub end of the speedo cable once I have removed it. Don't want to just leave it open to the elements.
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    HONDA AFRICA TWIN WRV 750 2001 DIGITAL TRIP CLOCKS Look at the WRV type may get someone a bargain!!
  13. eBay - Africa Twin
    Item located in Sweden. I am the seller. Africa Twin Tripmaster (Meter Assy, Digita) From A XRV 750 RD07 3 days left. Haven't had any offers yet
  14. Africa Twin
    Hello, I have a 1994 Africa Twin, runs like a dream, I absolutely love it. However a few days ago the odometer got stuck on 33999 the last white digit keeps spinning though. Anyone has any idea how to fix that?
  15. XR
    Hi guys,does any one know if the digi speedo can be changed to read mph instead of kmh? anyone no how to do it or where to get a manual? thanks tuggy.
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    For sale, Robin thermometer. Good quality digital thermometer with a range between -50 and +750C. £25 + £5 postage Cheers Andy
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    Any engineer or mechanics out there? I have a Mitutoyo 500 digital caliper for sale. It is as new, in the original packaging still and only been used once or twice. They go for around £75 on Amazon, but don't mistake it for the cheap draper type, this is real quality. £45 plus £5 for...
  18. For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have for sale a Olympus E420 with 2 lenses a 14mm-42mm and a 40mm-150mm as you can see a great range plus 2 gig compact flash card and a dedicated Metz flash gun its a great piece of kit and small for a dslr, price its for sale on ebay is £195 to you lads £175 plus post and...
  19. Chatter
    Facebook says Russ is in hospital in Redditch with a broken pelvis.
  20. Discounts / Deals
    EEDM504D, Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter These are £200+ on the website, dealers promotion at the moment £99
1-20 of 33 Results