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  1. Decoding 11 digit VIN Honda Steed 400cc

    Other Honda
    Hello! I would be glad if the forum could assist to decode an 11 digit VIN : AD016110263 This was located on the steering head of the motorcycle.
  2. My new lump: Africa Twin in Thailand!

    Africa Twin
    Well, here she is, yesterday's purchase, and my first attemp at posting a pic using Photobucket...... hope it works! The bike was originally advertised as a '99 model but when I asked about the VIN it's only 11 digit, which puts the bike at around '94 or '95. The paint job, as you can see, is...
  3. 11 digit VIN: how to decode?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. I've just put a deposit on an Africa Twin which was originally advertised as a '99. The bike had been re-sprayed (in 2000 livery) and the owner didn't know about 11 digit versus 17 digit VIN's. The bike had changed hands a few times and he has no knowledge of it's history. Now, from...
  4. How many rookie mistakes....

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ...can one make on a Sunday afternoon? Quite a few it would appear. I have been, to say the least, neglectful of my bikes this year. Today saw what was, effectively, my first ride out, for the sake of it, in 2011. A friend recently got a licence, so when the sun came out, I had a choice -...
  5. Card Fraud prevention tip of the day

    I was (lucky?) unlucky enough to have a telephone call at 9:30 last Sunday morning from my bank querying some on-line card transactions. Seems someone had managed to get my card details and were quite happily spending on-line. Now I am very careful about shielding the numbers when entering my...
  6. Rear suspension Quiz on an RD07

    Africa Twin
    I tried to get some answers over at advrider, but my post got buried pretty swiftly before I could get any info. Here is the short story: I bought a new @ as my previous one has, most probably, a problem with the clutch basket bearing. I'm in the process of transferring stuff from the older...
  7. meta alarm.... argh...

    been away ten weeks and the bike alarm wont switch off, both fobs don't work.. So out comes the manual and try the overide, and that does not seem to work either, I am using the five digit code called company code off the orange tab as it is the only five digit code... Any tips are gratefully...
  8. 80k miles

    Africa Twin
    Well my old @ hit the big 80k miles on the way back from the National. I was squinting at the clock and to my astonishment, it clocked up 80k bang on at the Scotland/England border, to the last digit :thumbright: What a bike, went like a dream, no blips whatsoever ( apart from a worn rear tyre...
  9. For Sale: Virgin PAYG £20 talktime for £15

    For Sale / Wanted
    Vaness'a mum accidentally purchased a £20 Virgin Pay As You Go for her T Mobile phone, needless to say it won't top up T Mobile, so if there is anyone wanting a £20 top up for £15 please give me a shout I can pm/email the 16 digit code etc & you pay me when your phone has been topped up. Phil
  10. Question for RD03 Guru's!!!

    Africa Twin
    OK folks, I am sort of in the process of stripping an RD03 for restoration (although I haven't had a chance to do anything for almost two weeks) but have come across an anomally that I hope some of you heroes might be able to answer (BobA calling Kjell Lyndberg...come in Kjell!!!!!) The frame...
  11. Engine Recall?

    I Was told the other day about an engine recall on the firestorm and varadero around 2000/1, apparently if its been done the frame number has an extra digit added on to the begining normally a 6. Is this true or billy bull? Anyone heard the same?
  12. RideSafe Rendezvous 19th April at Blackpool - FREE BIKE SHOW

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    The 4th Annual RideSafe Rendezvous is again set to draw more than 6,000 motorcyclists and scooterists to a free, one-day show on Sunday 19th April. This year, the event moves to Blackpool and will build on a successful mix of stunt shows, live music, retail stands and road safety advice. The...
  13. Desperation - identifying my RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I may have a problem... I'm trying to import my XRV650 to Canada. Because the bike doesn't have a 17-digit VIN I'm left having to prove a few things, like age, where it was built, etc... Can anyone help me out to figure out the code, and/or send me a link to where I can get the...
  14. Transalp Mileage

    It's probably been done before, but (blatantly copying the thread on the AT forum) how many miles has your TA done so far? Mine's a 2001 XL650V-Y which i've had for nearly four years, and it's at 39700 (only 3500 on the clock when I bought it). Any Alpers broken the six digit barrier!?
  15. Out of Africa

    And early as well!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Jambo everyone!!!! A "difficult" deployment. We were ready to stay on until early January but a big UN team with heavy gear came in to relieve us. Soooo, one UN flight from Garissa to Nairobi, one late night flight back to London(8hrs), 3 hour drive home this...