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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW SOLD Full set of Givi Trekker Monokey Panniers with liner bags & Top Box. The top box is the large one to take 2 full face lids, and the panniers are also the large versions. The panniers come complete with the lining bags. All items in...
  2. Transalp
    My front brakes are binding when the bikes on main stand,you can not feel it pushing the bike,theres new fluid,brakes are clean,new pads but was binding with old ones,pistons in both calipers move easy,retaining pins have just been cleaned and polished,ive done a process of elimimation and its...
  3. Africa Twin
    Fitted 2 of those in my car and wow what a differents! Can I fit those bulbs in my AT ?(RD07A) Best Regards Kasper Winding
  4. Africa Twin
    Ive found this man in Switzerland who do upgrades and repairs of the Tripmaster (RD04-RD07-RD07A) One of the upgrades is a hidden speed display that he kan activate + he makes a voltmeter mod Has anyone tried this service ? Please see link: Joergs Motorcycle Pages: Honda Africa Twin Cheers...
  5. Varadero
    Recently changed my brake pads on 1999 XL1000V. Brakes have started to bind. Can now only just turn wheel by hand. Very tight. If I back of the pads wheel turns freely. Pistons move back easily. There is some play in the caliper bush on the lower mounting bolt. And when the brakes are pumped...
  6. Chatter
    On Monday 6th January, Channel 4 aired one of the weirdest programmes I've ever seen. It was a hot topic at work for quite a few days, and I just wondered if any of you normal XRV folk had seen it, and what you thought? It's still on 4OD for those of you that have eaten and fully digested your...
  7. XR
    Hi, i've a little problem with the cam on my xr. On friday on my way to work my engine just cut out, after pushing it five miles home i look at the engine to find my camshaft in two bits!!! It was a hot cam that was about 20 months old. Has anyone else had a problem with hotcams or was this a...
  8. Travel
    Looking for decent hotel that also does dinner in the French Alps near BSM, or Cormet/Beaufort area or one or the ski resorts Tell me about your gem of a find
  9. Africa Twin
    Just going down to the Ace for dinner with the lad on the back if anyone fancys a brew...:thumbup:
  10. Chatter
    Ok guys here's the thing for sale/wanted ads can only be posted by subscribed members. there appears to be a new breed of member taking the proverbial. If it happens again the offending posts will be nuked.
  11. Chatter
    As a kid, I spent many evenings with my dinner on my lap watching "Rhubarb and Custard" RIP Bob Roobarb and custard 1974 - YouTube
  12. XR
    Help. I'm due an mot but my bike has decided to not work. The problem I'm having is the horn sounds weak checked and only have a couple of volts and the tail light goes dull, the instrument panels din. So I guess there's a fault some where but not sure where to start. It seems intermittent. Some...
  13. Africa Twin
    Got brembo 4 pot caliper mounted today and all seems be lining up nicely and brakes feel very nice spaced disc out with 3mm spacers and caliper and hangar just sloted in nicely Had grind 2mm off rear of caliper (hated doing it) but have about 0.5 - 1mm air gap between spokes and caliper They...
  14. Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi folks I have fitted a starcom 1 to my Alp and am very happy with the performance. However I keep bending the flimsy pins on the mini DIN plugs:cussing: does anyone know if I can fit a simple single pin and jack socket connector to alleviate this problem. Cheers Woody
  15. Africa Twin
    question! a friend of mine has got a beautiful RD03 with lot of extras. The bike is not yet registred in Romania(it comes from Germany). He is selling it with only 2300e. I am trying to make him aware that this kind of bike, even if it is quite old shoudl be at leas propesed to be sold at 3000e...
  16. Chatter
    Need people to cross fingers for me... Sat here sweating at work waiting for news of my little gorgeous who is going in for an op this morning (my Niece who lives with me). She has Cerebral Palsy and needs an op to put her hip back into the socket, she's only 5 and is very frightened and this...
  17. Transalp
    for TA700. I see there is a parts catalogue already posted in technical spec's but with Lings own part no's. These should be Honda's ??
  18. Chatter
    Had a long day at work yesterday 0500 start got home went to bed in the evening but couldn't get any sleep wife not good. 0220 this morning we're in hospital at 0926 the wife gave birth to out first. He weighed in at 6lb 8 1/2 and has yet to be named. Wife is being kept in over night and i have...
  19. Mechanical Advice
    Right, bit of a pull it all together thread. I've just installed an Autocom 200 (300's were out of stock and I hate waiting for stuff), and am about to buy a Garmin Zumo. So, the autocom is fine, (apart from the wind noise inside my Arai TX activating the vox and turning the music down all the...
  20. Mechanical Advice
    hi folks. I have an autocom fitted to the Vara. I dont want to keep removing the seat everytime I need to connect the helmet leads. Is it possible to get some protective caps to go over the din plugs. Then I could leave them dangling. :) Thanks rob.:thumbright: