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  1. That advert from our Chinese sponsors explained...

    The banner ad has been appearing in IE for me, both at work and at home, for weeks now and I simply HAD to know what they were selling... ;) Google Translate comes up with something like: "Run Suo Yu & T. & T. Rui Rui Tougai tumultuous melancholy luster of gems  Min Shan Shui Dong Su Jiemei...
  2. Living Dolls

    On Monday 6th January, Channel 4 aired one of the weirdest programmes I've ever seen. It was a hot topic at work for quite a few days, and I just wondered if any of you normal XRV folk had seen it, and what you thought? It's still on 4OD for those of you that have eaten and fully digested your...
  3. French Alps - Hotels around Bourg-St-Maurice area

    Looking for decent hotel that also does dinner in the French Alps near BSM, or Cormet/Beaufort area or one or the ski resorts Tell me about your gem of a find
  4. Ace Cafe for dinner ?

    Africa Twin
    Just going down to the Ace for dinner with the lad on the back if anyone fancys a brew...:thumbup:
  5. RIP Bob Godfrey

    As a kid, I spent many evenings with my dinner on my lap watching "Rhubarb and Custard" RIP Bob Roobarb and custard 1974 - YouTube
  6. Sweating at work...

    Need people to cross fingers for me... Sat here sweating at work waiting for news of my little gorgeous who is going in for an op this morning (my Niece who lives with me). She has Cerebral Palsy and needs an op to put her hip back into the socket, she's only 5 and is very frightened and this...
  7. The perfect Chrismas day

    Bed at 1am after sneaking all the prezzies in and a few shandys, Up at 6.30am all excited to see if Santa had been. He had, So the next couple of hours finding batterys for toys etc and setting password on mini burners new ipad, Inlaws arrived Wonderful Turkey dinner cooked by the wifey and...
  8. My latest arrival

    Had a long day at work yesterday 0500 start got home went to bed in the evening but couldn't get any sleep wife not good. 0220 this morning we're in hospital at 0926 the wife gave birth to out first. He weighed in at 6lb 8 1/2 and has yet to be named. Wife is being kept in over night and i have...
  9. Dinner tonight???????????

    Just a thought What you having for dinner tonight We're having "Bunny Chow" :D:D South African version of you're Kebab:D:D
  10. X-mas Dinner????

    So what are you eating today?? The Traditional Turkey or something different? Since we don't do turkey in Germany we having it in my house every year,absolutely love it.The best is the turkey sandwiches next day:D:D and what do you do for dessert?? we are not very "sweety" people so i made...