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  1. HELP - 6mm bolt snapped in the head

    Africa Twin
    Had a bit of a nightmare yesterday after installing new pistons reassembling the heads and getting the engine back in the frame quite nicely disaster struck. When torquing down the small 6mm bolt in the cylinder head it snapped like a bit of cheese. As usual this was the last bolt. To fit a...
  2. dominator carb body

    Dominator / FMX
    need help please. I was adjusting the air screw on my carb today it was stuck solid, so I tried to ease it out bit of wd40 , Disaster struck I broke the threaded insert now carb u/s, tu flu***in spades. So need another body a I have ALL the internals . can you help ? Believe me I have a...
  3. desired

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys had a disaster today ,in the process of rebuilding my front wheel one of the spoke holders on the hub broke off consequently hub is now TU:mad: looking for replacement got a spare on the shelf maybe?
  4. Wanted: wanted nx650(r02 1989) front wheel hub

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys had a disaster today ,in the process of rebuilding my front wheel one of the spoke holders on the hub broke off consequently hub is now TU:mad: looking for replacement got a spare on the shelf maybe?
  5. A little camp?

    Disaster... I've run out of coffee. OK not too much of a disaster but I do like a cuppa and the coffee I thought I had in the cupboard is not there so we are out. Well almost. I've found a bottle (yes a bottle) of Camp Coffee which is a rare Scottish delicacy form about 100 years ago. No...
  6. Coast to....hmmmm, not coast

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from Coast to Coast trip with Al (Tendays) and a couple of ABR's. Reports over on ABR.... Coast to....hmmmm, not coast Ended in disaster for me with a burnt out clutch...lots of falls. And we failed to achieve the mission. Just means a new trip......and we will succeed. Great fun
  7. Major disaster averted!! (on my at)

    Africa Twin
    Went to London t'other day and on way back, noticed a noise from the region around front sprocket. Got home as there was owt I could do at the time and found that of the two bolts holding the retaining plate to the sprocket, one was missing and one was so loose it was doing nothing! No apparent...
  8. XR650r Clutch cover disaster.

    While out trailriding on tuesday a freind offered me a ride on his XR650r, . . . the ride lasted all of two minutes before i fell off :(:rolleyes:. Not a big problem dropping a dirtbike normally, . . . but a lump of rock smashed the clutch cover to bits :o:mad: The cover is not too...
  9. Disaster has struck !

    i broke down this evening on the A360 heading towards shrewton. i was riding my varadero 125 at about 60mph, when all of a sudden the engine cuts out, and heavy engine breaking as if someone grabbed ur break it would not start again afterwards, and when i managed to, it would have to be on...
  10. Disaster

    Well disaster has struck. Out Friday and saturday racked up the miles. sunday morning spin with the missus. Not happy with the back brake, gets home and after fitting the panniers to the good ladies Hog, Think "I know I'll strip and clean the back calliper. Out with the socketry, undo the...
  11. Front Brake Disaster

    Thought I should let you guys no what I have found. Last week I serviced my 55 plate TA, bleeding the brakes while I was stuck bent double after doing the tappets. After the brake bleed Noticed that I had a whiring noise when the front brake was applied quite hard. the whiring noise then turned...
  12. Wind, rain, sleet, disaster

    Nope, nothing went wrong (I have a 56,000 mile Honda Africa Twin, not a KTM or a BMW :D), just realised I do not live far enough away from my parents. Having gone down Saturday afternoon with my panniers but also my wife on the back (in the weirdest combination of snow and rain and wind and...
  13. National rally disaster

    Dolly and I failed to complete the National rally :cry: On our way to our 3rd checkpoint, a previously patched punture gave out, resulting in a 1" split in the tube. the patch had been there for some 15-20k, and had been long forgotten. Looking for the good in the situation, I was glad it went...

    Africa Twin
    I bought an africa twin 2 weeks ago for a trip of South America. It had 50,000 miles on it so thought it would be a good idea to change the rings and deglase/hone the cylinder. Well, when i pulled the cylinder up..this is what i found (see pic). The bottom of the cylinder lining has two pieces...
  15. Motocycle Aid Snowball - Asian Tsunami Disaster - 06/02/2005

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    February 6th 2005 Motorcyclists from all over the UK, starting from various points (North, East, South and West) will meet up in their major cities at a pre-determined time. They then move to the next city in the route and join up with others. Collecting for the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal at...