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  1. What to disconnect before welding?

    Africa Twin
    I've got to weld a new bash plate mounting lug on my RD07. Obviously I don't want to fry anything, what do I need to disconnect or unplug? The lug is where the LH engine crash bar mounts. Cheers Chris
  2. Repairing the side-stand switch

    Well, I got attacked by the side-stand switch gremlin on Saturday. All set for a spin out - side stand up, engine running, clutch in, snick into gear - engine dies. Try again - same thing. Ho hum, wheel the bike back in and out with the tools......... This would appear to be a case of...
  3. Brake light - RD07a

    Africa Twin
    Hiya guys, I'm late on in the re-build, in fact I'm nearly done, but I was just chucking the back end on the old beast and thought I'd try the lights....... Rear lamp works fine, brake lamp works fine with the rear brake, but - it wont work with the front brake! So, out with the meter and: 12...
  4. Welding pannier frame when mounted to bike - any problems?!

    I am modifying a pannier frame and need some advice re TIG welding in situ please. I have modified one of the frame mounting arms and the best/easiest way to get it in the correct position relative to the rest of the pannier frame for welding is to have it all mounted on the bike so that the...
  5. Hello,

    Dominator / FMX
    New to the forum and I need advice. 01 FX650 Vigor, had it since new. If I disconnect the pulse generator leads at the frame connection, should I be seeing a coil resistance and if so what should it be? Any advice gratefully received, no matter how weird.
  6. Welding.

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a mate that can do a bit of welding for me and wanted to weld a couple of plates onto a set of crash bars that is attached to the bike. They were a pita to put on so I don't want to take them off to weld. If I disconnect the battery will that be ok to protect the electrics or is it a...
  7. 1990 rd04 not starting

    Africa Twin
    I bought my AT a couple of weeks ago, when I checked it at the previous owner it started allright. All is well, I buy it, transport it home (on a trailer), and leave it resting for about a month, while I fix the tacho that didn't go over 4000 revs anymore. Today I tried firing it up to check if...
  8. can anyone confirm this?

    Africa Twin
    just read on another motorcycle based website that if you disconnect your earth terminal from the battery and then connect a multimeter to the battery earth and the other lead to the earth terminal, then the reading should be zero and any other reading shows that something is creating a constant...
  9. dr350 valve clearance question

    quick question going to attempt the valve clearances for the first time on the dr tommorow. as mine is a kick start model thus it has a manual decompression lever do i have to completely disconnect the actuation cable. cheers martyn
  10. Weird electrickery problems

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Last week I was out on my bike and I looked down and had the 8888888888 on the tripometer. I thought I had a flat battery but when I got back on my bike an hour later it was fine, so I rode home and checked the forum, I saw that it was a case of disconnect the battery for 30secs and the...
  11. XL700V - fuel hose quick connector - how to replace insert?

    G´ day folks, I´m preparing for valve check/adjusting on missus´ XL700VA. Workshop manual requires to disconnect the fuel line quick connector/quick release, whatever it´s called in English. However it says to replace the insert inside the quick connector every time (that´s why it´s called...
  12. Just how much electrical equipment can you use at once?

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a Transalp 700. I currently have : Honda O.E. Heated grips. 12v Ciggie lighter socket mounted on h/bars and hard wired with fuse to battery (used for charging phone/ipod etc) when riding I wish to add: Either some SW-Motech Hawk Fog lights or Givi trekker spot lights. The givi lights...
  13. Master cylinder seals

    hi can any one tell me where i can get the ceals for the linked brakes on the front wheel the one that makes the back brake work as i was told €75 or how hard is it to disconnect the linked brakes how do i do it
  14. Side stand.

    How difficult is it to bypass or disconnect the side stand switch on my 1990 TA. It's doing my head in not being able to run the bike without holding it up or sitting on it. Any help appreciated. :o
  15. tripmaster problem (maybe a new one!), Haynes doesn't make sense...

    Africa Twin
    I've got a problem with my tripmaster that seems slightly different to the ones in old threads (that I managed to find) Symptoms: display is fine, clock works, but the mileage display stopped changing (I can definitively say the countdown one stopped, I believe the others have too). The...
  16. Tank bag bodge

    Bodgers Corner
    I'm a big fan of the Lidl tank bag. Cheap, roomy, strong magnets, what's not to like? But. Having recently fitted the big plastic PD tank however, it didn't really want to stay on anymore. I really don't like strappy tank bags, as they're always a pain to put on and take off. Touratech have a...
  17. Disconnecting the side stand interlock on XRV750V ('97)

    Africa Twin
    Hello, On two occasions my XRV750V ('97) was not starting. I suspect that the side stand interlock was active (open) although the (S) light was not lit. The wiring seems OK. So I'm thinking of disabling this interlock as it will also be easier to lube the chain - with help, of course :) So...
  18. Tools explained

    Unashamedly ripped off from another forum, but entertaining none the less:thumbup: Tools Explained: DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting...
  19. Checking the valves on the 700, a couple of tips.

    I did the valves on the 700 this weekend for the first time. Not too difficult, but very time consuming. No doubt the next time will be faster as I now know the knacks. Below are a few of the things I came across. Hopefully they will be of help to anyone contemplating doing them themselves. It...
  20. Ignition problem and a few other questions

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. My dear old AT (RD07A) has just developed a very annoying ignition problem. Turning the key on as normal does absolutely nothing, but as I turn it back off things come momentarily to life. Basically if I turn it on, nothing, but press it slightly to the left and something connects...