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  1. Ignition module 1998 model Africa twiN 750

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Can anyone help me source a ignition module for my 1998 Africa twin 750. The part number is 30410may621. The part 2 on the drawings is discontinued. Is there another Honda part that is compatible.
  2. Transalp and Varadero to be discontinued

    So as I picked up my TA from Chiswick Honda and returned the NC700X, the technician stuck his head round the door and warned me to take it easy on the new front tyre, and we got chatting. He asked me how I got on with the loan bike and he mentioned that both the TA and Vara were being dropped...
  3. Kawasaki reviews and baragains

    My local Kawasaki centre had open day and test day today and deal and bargains to be had. 1st i test rode the Versys 1000cc and that left me very confused. The styling is tall upright riding position like most trial / dual purpose bikes but they've stuck a straight 4 in it??? if your looking at...
  4. microfiche and blown up drawings

    Dominator / FMX
    i am looking to compare the honda dominator engine mounts with the engine mounts of the slr650.the problem im haveing is that the engine mounts are discontinued from honda so im wondering if they used the same part across different models and maybe a bike shop can find the engine mounts for an...
  5. Fuel Taps

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone tell me where I could get two fuel taps from part no 16950MV1000 Wemoto and David silver both state that they are discontinued. I am crap at identifiying thread sizes as I could buy a none specific tap if I knew the thread size, bearing in mind I need two, and the Honda were the...
  6. @ Rear wheel

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I received some very valuable info about tyres with my first post so I am hoping that someone can help me about the rear wheel. I have just noticed that the rear wheel on my @ has cracked next to one of the spokes. It may well last the life time of the bike? However the knowledge that it is...
  7. For Sale: RD03 Rear Side Panel With Door BRAND NEW still in Honda Packaging!!!!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought this new and never used it, never even been fitted to a bike, still in the Honda wrapping. As my RD03's now both have different rear ends its it surplus. Looking on-line to buy all the bits to make up a full side panel with door would cost just under £200 that is of course if you can...
  8. xr600 counter shaft question

    Is the later 13 spline transmission countershaft a direct replacement for a 1988 xr600 or do I have to replace it with the early 6 splined version. I only ask because when I look for then on supplier sites the early ones are listed as discontinued. Does anyone on here know of a new one or am I...
  9. German Members: Request for Shipping Assistance to USA

    Africa Twin
    XRV.Org.UK Members, Hello. I hope all is well. I recently purchased an African Twin in the United States and would like to purchase a set of side panels on Germany’s eBay site, but the seller only ships within Germany. The items have been discontinued from Honda and are no longer available and...
  10. How can I match my ignition, fuel cap and seat locks?

    Africa Twin
    My rd07a uses a different key for the ignition and the fuel cap (there is currently no lock for the seat but I buy a replacement). It will be annoying to carry around three keys for one bike. Does anyone know of a way to get my locks set to each other? I see that Honda has a part number for the...
  11. sump bolt !

    i need a new sump bolt with bashguard plate thread attached . bike shop have told me honda have discontinued making them:( anyone got any ideas where i can get one ?
  12. How much for an RD03 rear panel?

    Africa Twin
    Need to get a quote for a replacement rear panel to pass on to the salvage company who managed to mangle mine when they brought my bike back. Can't see anything on eBay, here or in Germany, looked on Hammart? but there's nothing in RWB for the RHS panel. I know a few people have kindly offered...
  13. Replacement for Caberg Trip?

    After my recent off, I need to replace my Trip helmet. I chose the Trip partly for its 5-star rating - and it's been fairly quiet, and fairly comfortable, and doesn't suffer much from buffeting. But the Trip has been discontinued, and the replacement (Konda?) doesn't have the stars (and...
  14. Sales

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I know this is the wrong forum but more look here then any where else, if it disturbs the flow then move it to the for sale section Louis are one of the biggest retailers of bike stuff in Germany, they are moving their main warehouse and as an advert ploy are offering discounts some of which...
  15. Wanted: XL250s CDI unit

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a CDI unit for an XL250s, 1978? Its a 6 volt unit, common to some later XL250 models. Has SHINDENGEN C1-03 on it. Discontinued by Honda, I'm having trouble finding one. Thanks, Tim.
  16. XLV750R popping and backfire on overrun

    Hi I need some help and advice on a 1985 Honda XLV750R. On overrun, the bike pops and backfires. It has a Marving exhaust (Italy) which is as near stock as I could get with no signs of leaking or blowing. I have tried rejetting the main and idle jets using 115, 118 main, plus 40, 42 and 45...
  17. letter

    Africa Twin
    hello people i found this letter from spanish forum, they send it in 2007 to honda spain, maybe we can do it again for all honda representatives in the world... I don't agree with everythingthey say but it's something... i use google translate... Montesa-Honda Spain Marketing and Sales...
  18. New engine in AT

    Africa Twin
    I know this has been up A LOT....but anyway: A lot of people could wish fore some more ooomph in the @, and we all know there is not a lot more to get out of the orignial engine. After reading about "the perfect adventure bike" and engine swaps on the ADV-forum I started to think about this...
  19. '99 Dominator & leaky Petrol Tank

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there, wondered if anyone could help offer some ideas around either fixng or replacement of a leaking petrol tank on my Red '99 dominator ? There appears to be corrosion along the seam underneath the petrol tank that drips down on to the exhaust pipes overnight when left standing. I take care...
  20. Fairing for White 1988 Transalp...are they like gold dust or something?

    Also.... I came off my bike at a junction in the wet (at a ridiculously low speed i might add) and damaged the left front quarter panel (the panel with the indicator in. I also lost the right panel that covers the battery on the right hand side a hile back. So i've been trying to find a...